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You sit back down and turn on your TV. You're greeted with a "Technical difficulties, please stand by." image. You flick through the channels, and all of them seem to be down. You sigh heavily, knowing this was going to be a long day.

A) Keep flicking through channels.
B) Leave the room.
C) Grab a book.

The best strategy in the game: go up stairs and pause balls.


B, leave the room

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lol jk.
A) Keep flipping through the channels!


is rly good

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A) Flip through the channels and find Oprah

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You begin flipping through channels quickly out of boredom, knowing none of them will work, but as you flip through you catch a very brief glimpse of something other than a "Please stand by" screen. You flip back to the channel. It shows a bad quality (VHS looking at best) view from under a bed at what looks to be someones feet. It doesn't take long to realize the view is coming from under your bed, and those are your feet on the screen. You immediately hop up onto your bed, sitting directly in the center. You look back at the screen, but the view hasn't moved at all.

A) Hang over the edge and look under the bed.
B) Get off the bed, kneel, and look under the bed.
C) Jump to the bedroom door and get out.

The best strategy in the game: go up stairs and pause balls.


C! Jump to the bedroom door and get out!
omg im so paranoid

is rly good

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A) hang over the edge and look under the bed
A is for awsome

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You tentatively move towards the edge of the bed, lie on your stomach, and lean over the edge. You take a deep breath, and peer under the bed. Sitting in the middle of the floor under your bed is a video camera, with a red light indicating that it is in fact recording. You felt relieved, but were still freaked out that this this camera was just randomly under your bed, and was somehow streaming to your TV.

You get on the floor and kneel down, reaching a hand under and trying to grab the camera. You feel your finger brush against the lens. The camera makes an odd buzzing sound, and slowly slides towards you. You jump up and move back, watching in horror as the camera slowly rises out from under the bed. The camera was actually what appeared to be the face of a tall, thin, pitch black creature. It raised up slowly, towering above you by a good 3 feet. It had to bend over a bit because it was too tall for your room. The lens cover blinked a few times and the creature tilted its head a bit, making that low buzzing sound as it examined you.

A) Run out of the room.
B) Attack it.
C) Talk to it.

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The best strategy in the game: go up stairs and pause balls.


C) Talk to the crazy thing .

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(C) Talk to it. You might have an interesting conversation
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