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Hello there. I decided to make an offical Hurt & Heal Topic on video game consoles and handheld.

Here's how the game work: Each console and handheld starts with an set number and players can choose to hurt or heal the console or handheld. Healing a console or handheld will earn it one point, while hurting a console or handheld will take one point. If a console or handheld loses all it's points, it's out of the race. The last remaining console will be declared "The greatest video game console/handheld ever made.".

Here are ALL and I mean All video game consoles up here:

Magnavox Odyssey: 8
Coleco Telstar: 10
Pong: 12
Atari 2600: 9
Atari 2800: 10
Atari 2600 Jr.: 10
Coleco Gemini: 10
Bally Astrocade: 10
Color TV Game 6: 7
Color TV Game 15: 9
Color TV Game 112: 8
Color TV Game Block Breaker: 9
Computer TV Game: 10
Interton VC 4000: 10
Magnavox Odyssey 2: 10
APF Imagination Machine: 10
Microvision: 8
Game & Watch: 32
Intellvision: 11
Intellvision II: 11
CreatiVision: 9
Epoch Cassette Vision: 10
ColecoVision: 11
Commondore MAX Machine: 10
Vectrex: 20
Sega SG-1000: 10
Sega SG-1000 II: 10
Game Boy: 20
Game Boy Pocket: 11
Commondore Vic: 10
Sega Game Gear: 10
Super Cassette Vision: 10
Supergame VG 3000: 10
Commondore 64: 9
Commondore 64GS: 10
TurboGrafx-16/CD and PC Engine (There the same console, but different names in Japan and America.): 18
Atari 7800: 20
Atari XEGS: 11
Sega Master System: 12
Sega Master System II: 11
Coleco: 10
Nintendo Entertainment System: 17
Amstrad CPC: 22
MSX: 11
Cyclon: 6
Amstrad GX4000: 10
Sharp X68000: 2
Sega Genesis/Mega Drive: 26
Sega CD: 7
Atari Lynx: 11
TurboExpress: 11
SuperGrafx: 10
Neo Geo: 11
Neo Geo CD: 12
Commondore CDTV: 6
Super Nintendo Entertainment System: 34
Satellaview: 10
Supervision: 10
Mega Duck/Cougar Boy: 9
Pioneer LaserActive: 10
Sega Nomad: 12
Amiga: 13
Virtual Boy: 28
PC-FX: 11
Playstation: 12
PocketStation: 10
Net Yaroze: 10
Sega Saturn: 14
Amiga CD32: 10
Playdia: 8
Neo Geo Pocket: 10
Neo Geo Pocket Color: 12
Game Boy Color: 84
Nintendo 64: 28
Nintendo 64DD: 10
Dreamcast: 24
Game Boy Advance: 18
Game Boy Advance SP: 17
Game Boy Micro: 5
GP32: 10
Nintendo GameCube: 27
PlayStation 2: 14
PSX (DVR): 10
SwanCrystal: 10
Tapwave Zodiac: 21
WonderSwan: 10
WonderSwan Color: 12
Evo. Phase One: 10
FC Twin Video Game System: 10
Generation NEX: 10
GP2X: 11
Nintendo DS: 20
Nintendo DSi: 20
Pandora: 10
Playstation 3: 45
PSP-3000: 10
PSP Go: 7
SEGA Vision: 11
Wii: 68

You may now vote.

Heal Wii, hurt Phillip CD-i.

EDIT: Two new rules have been added:
1. For each posts, you can only post one hurt and one heal.
2. When you post, wait until another person post, then you can post again.

EDIT 2: The Phillip CD-i is offically dead.

EDIT 3: The 3DO is killed off.

EDIT 4: is offically out of the race.

EDIT 5: N-Gage has bee kicked out.

EDIT 6: XaivXPort suffers a painful death without defense.

EDIT 7: The Apple Pippin lost it's life.

EDIT 8: The Atari 5200 broke itself.

EDIT 9: The Xbox 360 has received the "Red Ring of Death".

EDIT 10: Formal fans boo the R-Zone to it's death.

EDIT 11: The Xbox joins it's successor in the grave.

EDIT 12: The Hyperscan exploded.

EDIT 13: Apperently, the Fairchild Channel F was just an fad.

EDIT 14: The PSP is too heavy to live.

EDIT 15: The Atari Jaguar has bee killed.

EDIT 16: The Gizmondo has been made as an internet joke.

EDIT 17: The PlayCable is dead.

EDIT 18: Education systems don't always live to maturity. This is the case for VSmiles.

EDIT 19: Atari Jaguar CD was an worthless add-on.

EDIT 20: Casio Loopy is gone.

EDIT 21: The L600 lost it's life.

EDIT 22: The Sega 32X haunting memories will never hurt us again.

EDIT 23: Lloyd Color TV Spot fame has ended.

EDIT 24: The Channel F System II was a fad too.

EDIT 25: An unknown system called Nuon died alone.

EDIT 26: Sega Pico also was short-lived.

EDIT 27: No more telling that the console is dead. When a console is in a ranking below or above it has "DEAD" beside it, then it's gone.

EDIT 28: If you're wondering why some of the previously mentioned consoles we're removed, it's because they are dead and now in the rankings below.

137th (Last place): Phillip CD-i
136th: 3DO
134th: N-Gage
133th: XaviXPort
132th: Apple Pippin
131th: Atari 5200
130th: Xbox 360
129th: R-Zone
128th: Xbox
127th: Hyperscan
126th: Fairchild Channel F
125th: Playstation Portable.
124th: Atari Jaguar
123th: Gizmondo (I killed this one.)
122th: PlayCable
121th: VSmiles
120th: Atari Jaguar CD.
119th: Casio Loopy
118th: L600
117th: Sega 32X
116th: lloyd color tv spot
115th: Channel F System II
114th: Nuon
113th: Sega Pico
112th: TV Boy
111th: Phillip Odyessey
110th: RCA Studio
109th: TV Boy II
108th: Super TV Boy
107th: Action Max
106th: ApeExtreme
105th: Super A'Can
104th: Emerson Arcadia 2001
103th: Extex Adventure Vision
102th: OnLive
101th: Zeebo
100th: FM Town Marty

Check back often!

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wow, i havent played 99 percent of those consoles, so i cant answer

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Hurt all of them except for all of Nintendo's and Sega's.


Heal Dreamcast, SNES, Turbografx and Gamecube, hurt 3DO, cdi, FM Towns Marty and OnLive

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Heal Dreamcast and Saturn, hurt 360 and cdi.

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Only Nintendork and Terranigma post passes because they have an equal amount of console they are healing and hurting. Perferably, just heal one and hurt one, but more is okay.



Heal PS3, Hurt 360
Heal GBA, Hurt CD-i
Heal Pong, Hurt 3DO
Heal Gameboy Colour, Hurt "TurboGrafx-16/CD and PC Engine (There the same console, but different names in Japan and America.)"

I only hurt that last one because that long name entry distracts me. XD

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List has been updated.

Heal Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Hurt Virtual Boy.



Heal all of Nintendo's and Sega's.


Xkhaoz wrote:

Heal all of Nintendo's and Sega's.

You have to heal and hurt systems the systems you choose and they have to be equal numbers, or I can't approve your choice.

With that all said, heal Sega Genesis, hurt Atari Jaguar.

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Heal SNES, Hurt N-Gage.

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Heal: Nintendo 64
Hurt: Playstation

I'll be back!



Heal Nintendo 64, hurt Gizmondo.



Heal the DSi, hurt the PSP
HEal the wii, hurt the PS3
Heal the N64, hurt the PS
Heal the Gamecube, hurt the PS2
Dont judge me...



Heal the DSi, hurt the PSP
Heal the wii, hurt the PS3
Heal the N64, hurt the PS
Heal the Gamecube, hurt the PS2
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hey supersmashbros.1999 it might be hard for you to manage everything so I suggest that you make a rule of posting only once a day or get someone to help you update the list.

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donth8theplaya69 wrote:

hey supersmashbros.1999 it might be hard for you to manage everything so I suggest that you make a rule of posting only once a day or get someone to help you update the list.

I'd say one hurt and one heal per one day.

But before that rule gets activated...
Heal PS2, Hurt Atari 5200.

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