Topic: Have you ever seen a topic on the front page you had zero interest in yet recognized an avatar from someone you liked and took a peak at what they said?

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Prof_Clayton wrote:

Aviator wrote:

Other way round.

I'm your biggest fan
I'll follow you until you love me



It's like, I just love a cowboy
You know
I'm just like, I just, I know, it's bad
But I'm just like
Can I just like, hang off the back of your horse
And can you go a little faster?!


Yeah, I'll admit that I've been drawn to threads @unrandomsam has posted in. Not that I agree with most of the stuff he posts, but he can make the conversation turn in interesting ways.

I did the same with threads @Bankai had posted in, when he was still here.

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I how many people are on this site that only post in the forums and don't comment on the articles.

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I wouldn't say I do this with topics I have zero interest in, but certain avatars will definitely make me more inclined to click a topic that I have low interest in.

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This thread is going to become a 'NintendoLife's favourite users thread', isn't it

I will update this when Half Life 3 arrives. [Started 17/11/2015]

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Definitely. Mostly the "older" forumers. It's why I wish we had a "Follow User" button or something. Or the ability to see someone's recent forum posts. But I could see that being used for evil as much as good, so probably a bad idea.

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@Klimbatize You can see anyone's forum posts. When you go to "Posts" under your profile, replace your name in the URL with someone else's. (Unfortunately you can't see what threads they've posted though.)


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