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Fire Emblem: Three Houses

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@Lilseb93 Which route? I'm in the middle of a Golden Deer playthrough atm.



@Ralizah I picked the Blue Lions. I loved the characters in the house and I wanted to be part of a more royal knight-like house. Plus it was blue. Dimitri wasn't the most interesting character at first, but his character arc got really interesting in part 2.

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Just beat Mutant Mudds Super Challenge from the Mutant Mudds Collection. Is there actually a way to play as Grannie on the Mudds' home planet? Because the ending makes it sound like it but there doesn't seem to be any way to do it. I've gotten everything in the game except for all of the secret characters.


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Finally completed the third campaign of Fire Emblem Fates. I think I've clocked in over 200+ hours in total completing all three routes.

I have taken my time though, ensuring that I have completed all of the paralogues, recruiting all the babies, and S ranking everyone (including the children) before proceeding to the final boss in all three routes. I also paired everyone up in the battle with somebody who they still had unlockable support conversations with, which added to the overall play time.

I just got a game over on Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists on Switch on day 29. I had only got a handle on the mechanics of the game when it was just a little too late (around day 22 or so), so I've just lost, I'm guessing, about 8.5 hours of play time. The game is surprisingly addictive. If I fail in this playthrough, I might just give up.

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YIIK is finally beaten. It is not as good as what Nintendo Life said about it in their review, but it is better than what a lot of other people said.

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Beaten Owlboy. Twas a fun if kinda frustrating time with this game. (The characters and some of the pixel day and night art were a highlight for me.) but is isn't something I'll be 100% because some of the areas aren't exactly fun to traverse in the second go-around in (the dark cave is a good example) and because you lack a map, it's very easy to get lost. Probably see if there's another ending on YouTube.


.19 cents was too hard to resist.
If you like an addictive arcade style digging game while not minding the get more currency timers to buy battery upgrades and more pallete swap characters then go ahead and pick this up.

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Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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Outlast. Enjoyed seeing the blood and mutilated body parts.

Working my way through the Whistleblower DLC.

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Doom 3

It was my first go round with the game and the series aside from playing small pieces at a young age of doom 1. I'm also chipping away at doom 2 on switch from time to time.

Doom 3 is one of those games that keeps you on your toes the entire time with zero breaks. It's non stop gunning down hordes of demons and creatures. Oh and if you have arachnophobia, good luck with this game. Giant spiders are constantly crawling of cracks in the floor and walls. All sorts of nasty monsters and demons are popping up all over the place. The lighting in the game is superb and really adds to the creepiness. There was a great variety of enemies which was cool. Some of which were pretty hard to take down. It's an older game obviously so there's not much more i can say about the game that hasn't already been said, but for $10, it's a must buy for anyone who has an inkling they'll like the game. If you like run and gun, resident evil style games, or fps, you'll enjoy this game as it checks all those boxes. It's without a doubt the best game I bought on switch for $10 or less. It's a Shame they're only charging $10 for a game of this quality, but I'm not complaining 😊.

Only real negatives were the fact that i did have 2 crashes. The other is the final boss, the cyber demon is one of the easiest boss fights I've had in a while. It only took me a few tries. I probably shouldn't consider this a negative, but it's just something to make note of that Couldve been better. Maybe the best way to describe it is constructive criticism. He looked great and hellish for sure, but I'm just saying. I shouldn't complain too much considering bael from bloodstained took me far too long from being extremely hard. If I had my pick of extremely hard or pretty easy, I suppose I'd take pretty easy after playing the game for 12 hours or so. By then I'm ready for the credits to roll. Other than that I had zero issues with graphics or frame rate issues that I noticed.

Oh and did I mention it's only $10? 😉



Just finished Ittle Dew 2+
Not bad little 2D Zelda clone, some parts are pretty hard but once you figure out the paterns not too bad. A few little jokey bits of dialogue too.

Ah well on to Earthlock


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Minecraft - Beat the ender dragon for the first time in offline single player.

Dust: An Elysian Tale - Bought it last year and sort of forgot about it. Went back to my old file a couple of weeks ago and finished.

Pokemon Black Nuzlocke - Actually made it to Ghetis this time before wiping to his Hydreigon. Final team was Samurott, Sawsbuck, Archeops, Chandelure, Galvantula, and Simisear.



Took down My Time at Portia the other day. Loved it. Took me 105 Hours, a few frustrating late day crashes, but really enjoyed the game. Probably still pick it up and play and mess around now that the story is over. Now on to Saints Row!

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Just beat Anodyne, which sort of felt a bit like an amateur 2D Zelda (I don't mean this as an insult). On the one hand, it lacked the technical polish and superb world/dungeon design that the 2D Zeldas are known for, but being an indie, it also did a lot of unconventional stuff that you would never see in a Zelda title. It's not the most amazing game ever, but I had a good time with it, and I will be going back in to finish up with collectibles. I'd probably give the game a 7 or 7.5 out of 10.



Beat Mario Tennis Aces Adventure mode.

The opening cutscene where Wario and waluigi are digging.
The story while it's a maguffin hunt with a couple of familar beats, it takes advantage of that narrative limitation by polishing what little story it has to a shine making it a fun adventure. Simple narratives don't have to be boring if you take the time to make it fun.
Fun scenarios like taking out train hiking shy guys via a snowball fight.
The before/after battle script courtesy of the island opponents you meet and ya boy Toad grant a bit of charm and few points of self-awareness on the game. That'll have you at least crack a smile.
The bosses are very fun; Final boss especially.

Plus or minus.
You can clear this with a bit in a couple of hours (probably an afternoon) but I think it works for what it was without feeling bloated. Maybe they can take the template of what's been done in Adventure mode and improve upon it whenever theres a Mario tennis Switch 2.
No Strategic advantage for getting a new racket. A new racket is only stronger than the last one. But it does count for additional lives.

Mario's jump is delayed by a couple of frames so you gotta jump a couple of frames early if you want to have an easier time with the bosses.
This is basically a one and done affair. Especially with what little post game it has.

So its a one and done and it has a simple gameplay loop but you gotta give it to them to make this a fun one. This is worth a play-through.

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Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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Just finished Super Neptunia RPG. My thoughts on the game are kinda a mixed bag. There are some things about it that I really enjoyed, it has all the 4th wall breaking humor, references to other games and gaming culture and anime girls that I would have expected from a Neptunia game and I enjoyed that part quite a bit. From Pokemon parodies to a literal Mario Bros section, it does all of that very well. And it always feels good at the end of an RPG when your characters are totally crazy strong.

In terms of game play however it's not as positive - for a game with a focus on it's 2D nature, it baffles me why we cannot use the D-pad to move in the platforming sections. I can't think of a good reason for this. Also, the break gauge mechanic is utterly broken and non-functional. I beat the entire game without ever having a battle where I even triggered it once - aside from the tutorial. The break gauge is increased by hitting enemies, but everything, even bosses die way before you get even the lowest tier charged. Unless you deliberately use attacks the enemy resists - however doing that makes everything painfully slow because you get an action point penalty for doing that. And this is another issue, because of the way this game handles damage, it is possible to find yourself totally locked out against an enemy if you don't have a type they aren't immune to. Thankfully this is rare - but this just shouldn't be a concern.

Moving on, another issue is a general lack of polish in the game. For starters, on the main menu, selecting load game doesn't have a sound when you press the button, and takes a moment before going to the save game list - and on that list it does not default to your most recent file, simply starting at game 1. Selecting the game has the same problem, you press A and wait a very noticeable 3-4 seconds before the game responds. Once you are in the game, things generally run smoothly - unless you use the speed up button - which can cause the game to soft lock at the end of the battle and happened to me enough that I stopped using it almost entirely for fear of triggering the glitch.

Another issue I didn't like was the use of foreground decoration to hide pits, enemies and items, and enemies being right in your face when you get to a new screen with no time to react. All very annoying.

My final issue was the cut scenes. I am perfectly okay with cut scenes, I even like visual novels which are basically nothing but cut scene... But that content needs to have a purpose, character development, humor, world building, plot, something. I'd estimate at least 40 minutes of the game was spent listening to Neptune talk about eating pudding. We get it. Anyone who plays the Neptunia games knows she loves pudding - you don't need to repeat that joke in every single scene several times! Further, if you're going to have so many cut scenes, animate your characters better! GBA titles had sprites with more animation than these characters did, aside from Neptune I think everyone only had like 4 different animations. And one character consistently started moving before her walk cycle actually began! She just weirdly floated for a moment then moved her legs - repeatedly!

All in all, I had fun playing the game, but I seriously doubt I'll revisit it ever. It just lacks the polish and the creativity to warrant that. If you are a big fan of the Neptunia series, this game is worth a play through, once. It's got the humor and the characters you already know you like. But for anyone else, it's probably not worth going out of your way for. I'd give it a 5 out of 10.

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SteamWorld Dig (Wii U)
I played this as part of the physical SteamWorld Collection. This wasn't my first time with the game since I've also played it on the 3DS.


  • The gameplay is equal parts intuitive, relaxing, and addicting for me. It doesn't take long at all to learn the controls and almost never seems unfair. Just a bit more ore, then I'll quit....Just a bit more....
  • This game's assets are quite stunning in HD. A lot of care clearly went into the art.
  • The residents of Tumbleton, on the whole, are quite interesting to talk to. However, they aren't the meat of the experience.
  • I quite like the exploration in this game as you continually mine to deeper depths in search of ore and secrets. To avoid some enemies, hazards, or damaging falls, you have to plan your route to an extent.
  • All of the upgrades are useful or fun in their own way, plus they can all be obtained with patience (and if you don't need repaired too often).
  • While nothing from the track stuck out too much, it's still an enjoyable sound experience overall. The music definitely fits the Western vibe. I think I like the main theme best.
  • It's so, SO satisfying when you use the game's physics to do away with some enemies.
  • I enjoyed the secret cave area that served as a clear nod to the Mario franchise. I'm not sure if I missed this when I played the 3DS version, or if it was added later.


  • I've seen some compare the HD version on various platforms to the 3DS version. In my opinion, both are decent in their own right: One has a nice coat of HD paint, while the other has wonderfully rendered 3D layers that also add to the experience.

Negatives (Mostly small nitpicks)

  • I wish some of the Tumbleton residents had been expanded on more personality-wise. While they imparted some useful information, some of them didn't really feel relatable.
  • Most of the enemies, on the whole, are fairly easy to deal with or avoid.
  • You won't hear this from me often, but I wish the game had been a little longer.
  • I feel as though there should have been more boss fights with this game. The end boss fight itself is pretty easy once you know what's up.

I haven't played SteamWorld Dig 2 yet, so it's very possible that some of the above has been addressed there. I had as much fun with this game as on the 3DS, perhaps even more so this time around. It's definitely a fun Metroidvania, though it's a little on the easy and short sides. It's an excellent game to unwind with.

On to SteamWorld Heist!

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Yoshi's Crafted World

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School Girl Zombie Hunter (PS4) - A mission based TPS that sees a group of 5 high school girls fighting for their survival once zombies overrun their high school.


  • While a bit janky (it's a budget title), the gameplay is generally fun, with the guns being fun to shoot, especially since you can dismember the zombies.
  • Ally AI is actually pretty good considering the budget. They generally stay near you, so no wandering off by themselves to get killed, and shoot anything that moves. The only downside to this are base defense missions with a collectable off the beaten path, as they will follow you away from the base leaving it defenseless when you go for the collectable. This only happens once or twice though.
  • There are a decent amount of unlockables, such as outfits that can be hidden in a level, or Charons (bird zombies) strewn about that unlock hair & underwear colors, and the most powerful rocket launchers, if you kill enough of them. Then there are the numerous varieties of the six weapon types regularly dropped by enemies (though I tended to pick options I liked relatively early on and didn't mix it up).
  • I really mostly really enjoyed the schlocly B-Movie vibe it had going on (including the cheesy rock theme song), even if it could have used some more environmental variety.


  • Although the weapons all feel good to use, ultimately things tend to get so busy that I tended to only use shotguns, and ocassionally a rocket launcher to get me out of a pinch (other than the sniping specific sub-missions).
  • Each of the 5 girls has a special ability, and while Akiha's (who can indefinitely revive fallen allies, at half health, using no items) and Mayaya's (who reveals the locations of all a level's key & hidden items) are really useful, the various combat buffs the other girls' abilities involve aren't nearly as useful, IMO.
  • Being a budget title, the characters are a bit wooden, but generally all have a character arc that shows how they've grown.
  • It's a fanservice game, so take that how you will. It's not as over the top as something like Senran Kagura (especially in terms of design), but you can dress the girls up in outfits like swimsuits & nurse uniforms, clothes take damage as you get hit, and as a last resort move you can strip down to your underwear to temporarily distract the zombies.


  • Difficulty is all over the place. Sub-missions not withstanding, there is a huge difficulty spike around the end of chapter two/the start of chapter three (missions are suddenly filled with very aggressive, infinitely spawning zombies that make routine point A-B missions and card key missions highly annoying, especially considering you're on the clock & they spawn as fast, if not faster, than you can kill them), it was almost enough to make me quit the game outright, however that huge spike is gone as fast as it came, and later missions become much more manageable once again (the only time infinitely spawning enemies appear in the main story again are in survival & base defense missions, which are much more manageable since you can stand your ground & fight). Not only this, but boss missions (first introduced in Chapter 3), with the exception of the final boss, are much EASIER than anything else in the game.
  • It does drop frames ocassionally, I think once or twice into single digits. Not often or long enough to hugely impact the game, but it is a noticeable mar.
  • From a story perspective there's no "how", or even "who" or "why". Relatively early on it's revealed that an intelligent zombie named Ren is causing the infestation using a science facility below the school, but other than stopping him, the story doesn't go any deeper (no explaination as to who Ren is for example). A deep story is probably not the biggest equation that goes into a game about high school girls fighting zombies, but a weak link it is.

Overall a pretty average experience, but there's just something that draws me to these B grade experiences from time to time.

@Ralizah, sorry for aping your write-up format. It just seems so useful.

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Unravel (multiplatform, played on Xbox), one of the best indie games ever made in my opinion. It's fun to play but also for the beautiful visuals, classic folk soundtrack and ecological and love message it conveys. The character is ugly before you play and cute and lovely once you start playing. The whole game including mechanics and progression is organic. I loved it!

Negatives. Some puzzles are a bit twisted and some action bits can be frustrating until you repeat and realise what's going on and what options you have.

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Dragon Quest Builders 2...well at least until the DLC comes out. But I got end credits so I'm satisfied. Going to head back to okami now. I should be playing FE3H (I am pecking on it slowly) but I don't want to get sucked in when I have other games to beat.

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