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Before I get started, if there's already a thread like this, go ahead and lock it, but I couldn't find one digging back a few pages (just one asking about what games you beat in 2013 in particular). Also go ahead and lock if you think this is too similar to the What Are YOU Currently Playing thread (although I think this is a little different, I have no problem with the mods deciding otherwise).

With that out of the way:

Just finished up Kirby & the Amazing Mirror for the first time!


  • It's pretty much "Metroid-Kirby", which is actually pretty awesome once you get used to it. They really adapted that style of gameplay to Kirby quite well. Now, you don't acquire upgrades to solve puzzles & defeat enemies like in Metroid, rather whenever you come across an obstacle, you think about whether there were any enemies in nearby rooms that could give you an ability suited to it. This works in it's favor quite well too, as it allows it to be more open than more recent Metroid games. Like any good "Metroidvania", there's still plenty of things to look out for though (instead of being key to progression, the items you find here are mostly optional stuff, like spraycans that you can use to change Kirby's color, Sound Test music sheets, and optional health upgrades).
  • This is like one of the most non-linear games I've played in a long time, if ever (remember, this is a freakin' Kirby game!). While the 9 "Areas" are numbered, and the difficulty is higher in the higher numbered areas, you're free to explore & complete them in any order you wish.
  • It's actually a tad more difficult than the average Kirby game, which is nice. It isn't at Mega Man or DKC levels of difficulty of course, but the bump in challenge is noticeable compared to other entries.
  • There's a nice mix of new & returning bosses (the boss of Area 5 is my personal favorite).
  • While the connected world may not meld together as organically as Super Metroid's does, the world on offer here is still colorful as you'd expect, and all the tropes are present (grasslands, haunted mansion, caves, mountain/fire, castle, water, ice/snow, ruins, and sky/space).


  • Unfortunately, maps are seen as an optional item here (a big no-no as far as "Metroidvanias" go, IMO), and all the area maps are hidden away as optional items to find & collect, some hidden behind some devious puzzles. To compound this further, while rooms you explore are highlighted even before finding the official map, it's very barebones & not much help. While not a deal breaker, this did noticeably damper the experience for me.
  • It's a bit on the backtracky side. This should come to no surprise given the genre, but I feel it's a little more prevalent here than in other examples of the genre, and the map issues make it slightly more irritating as well.

Let's steer clear of scores please, keep the posts on this side of the 'no user reviews' rule, thanks! — TBD

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Just beat Ikachan. What a brutal time-sink. Glad that ordeal is over.

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I just beat Link Between Worlds about a week ago and now i am inbetween games... Deciding if I should go back to Soul Hackers or buy Assassin's Creed III



In the past 1-2 months I've beat Pikmin 3, Mario 3D World, Zombi U, and Zelda: ALBW. I believe I'm on the final chapter in F-Zero GX.. I just need to beat a couple Grand Prix so I can buy it. All excellent games, but for some reason.. Pikmin 3 seems to stand out as my favorite. The world is just so charming and the challenges are actually pretty difficult to get platinum in, which makes it addictive for me. They're all great games though, Zombi U was way better than I expected. It's what a survival horror should be and it's actually challenging.

As far as Kirby and the Amazing Mirror goes, I've never played it. I don't think I've played a Kirby game beyond Dreamland, although I've always liked the little guy. I'm kind of tempted to pick up Kirby: Triple Deluxe whenever it's released.

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Just becareful if you add scores and that to your post it can be seen as a user review which then it may get locked since user reviews are against the rules here.

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I just defeated the ender dragon in Minecraft a few hours ago. After playing for two years I finally decided to do it. The end poem is awesome, mysterious, and very thought provoking, (Though, some things contradict or don't quite fit with what I believe) and the credits music is AMAZING! Just so you know, though, currently the credits music doesn't play in the game and you have to play it on something else when you start the credits so that it matches with the words. (The song is Alpha, btw)

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BioShock and BioShock 2.

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Guys, user reviews on the forums are not cool at this time. If you'd like to discuss why you liked or didn't like a game, fine, but keep it to a couple paragraphs and leave the scores at the door. Thanks in advance, i'd hate to have to delete any more reviews from this thread. :3
Sorry Kylo, i did try to give you the hint there...

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I beat all the story arcs, got married and had a kid in Rune Factory 4. Does that count?

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mystman12 wrote:

I just beat Little Inferno.

If you haven't played it.


I've beaten it four times... 100%'d it twice... is that good enough?

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I just beat the original Luigi's Mansion for the first time. It is good but definitely gets a little repetitive towards the end of the game.
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Oh, I also beat Chibi-Robo Photo Finder. It was fun, and the game has plenty of replay value, especially if you want to make a great NostalJunk museum. Now that I'm done with the game, I'll just drop my 3DS into this Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace!

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Spelunky! And it only took me 285 tries!

Now to do it the hard way, and go through Hell...

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I've been working through quite the backlog recently. I beat Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Director's Cut last week. Got really sucked into it, even though the combat didn't really gel with me.

I've beaten both of the Oracle Legend of Zelda games on the Virtual Console, and just beat The Last Story a while ago. I missed a ton of things but, still...its done. Had some issues with combat but it was fun overall. Right now Xenoblade, Shin Megami Tensei IV and Zombi U are staring at me so I still have some work to do...

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Ash_Anne wrote:

I beat all the story arcs, got married and had a kid in Rune Factory 4. Does that count?

With a game that has so many possible outcomes, I think you shoot for one and once that's achieved - bravo!

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