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@mystman12 It's mostly because of some questionable design choices, like how the jump mechanics, the weapon selection, or the Grapple Beam work. If you've played Fusion and Zero Mission before, and maybe even the Primes, the controls for Super just feel really unrefined and clumsy. In the boss battles against Draygon and Ridley, I was often getting hit because the controls weren't responsive.
Also, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Super Metroid is bad, but compared to the other entries, the controls just don't work well. But it's still a good game.

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Yeah, N64 games in general don't seem to have aged well. The one I most agree with has got to be Mario Kart 64. That game has aged awfully. I tried about a year ago to play it and felt bored almost the entire time. Compared to modern course desighn they just felt really stale. The worst case of this had to be Raindbow Road. The fact that they made it work in 8 is nothing short of Nintendo magic. Not to say that for it's time it wasn't a great game (I can't really give imput on that seeing as the game actually came out about a month before I was born), It's just that compared to modern Mario Kart it's really not good.

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8BitSamurai wrote:

Come doods! We all know N64's blockinees holds up very well today!

That's the worst looking golf game I've ever seen!

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Dreamz wrote:

8BitSamurai wrote:

Come doods! We all know N64's blockinees holds up very well today!

That's the worst looking golf game I've ever seen!

Fore-tee fore!
That's a golf joke folks.

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I haven't visited my neopets in almost 10 years, so they couldn't have aged well.............I wonder how they are doing!!??!?!?!?!?!

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so what is neopets again? is it one of those things that used to been popular in the mid 00s, but no one eer uses it anymore, like Myspace?

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I think I would agree with Gen 1 Pokemon.

Sp. Atk and Sp. Def being one stat, the slow gameplay, no running shoes, barely any aftergame, and the overpowered Psychic type, among others.

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