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Some games have great music. And then some gamers go right on ahead and make great music even better. Share your best-loved remixes (be considerate and warn about potential spoilers)

Spoiler Warning: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of Time & Darkness final boss theme

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I had this on my iPod for years. Just rediscovered it and put it straight back on there. Amazing bit of music.

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Whoa. I always really liked that song, but that remix made it sound off-the-rails epic. Nice find.

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Here is an amazing medley of Majora's Mask music.

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Ah, we think alike! I was just going to post this one (Bloody Tears from Castlevania) by the same guy.

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Stumbled across this one again and had to come back just to post it. Truly marvelous stuff...I can't get enough of this one.

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The Life and Death of Kirby




It's time for The Megas to make their entrance in this thread:

I Want to be the One (Mega Man 2 - Wily Stage 1-2)

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Promise of Redemption (Mega Man 2 - Bubbleman)

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The Quick and the Blue Acoustic (Mega Man 2 - Quickman)

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Makes Krook's March from Donkey Kong Country 2 ten times more epic. Thank you OC Remix!

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Best Luigi's Mansion 2 remix ever? Not saying much though.

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New Super Mario Bros castle theme meets orchestra + church organ, thanks to OC Remix:

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More to come soon...

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A very long and awesome remix of Bowser's road, which is my favorite video game theme ever! If you don't want to hear the whole thing, skip to 6:50 (the best part).

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Also this wonderful Mega Man 2 intro orchestral remix.

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Anything and everything from Touhou lol, it has the most remixes out of any other game.

I can't post videos On my phone so I am goin with a link of a remix of U.N was Owen her

Also this one is beyond epic. Said so in the name!

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