Topic: Do you think "fandoms" have become more and more toxic?

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In recent months I have found that I can't stand fan-pages on social media, or other groups online. It feels like more often than not there is an abundance of negativity. Even on pages where we all supposedly like the same thing I often find more people complaining or attacking one another because they think you like the wrong part of the thing, or you like it for the wrong reasons or somehow you like it in the wrong way. I have been running into this a lot on not just gaming threads, but pages for western movies or Japanese anime. Many people just unilaterally declare their opinions on likes and dislikes as facts and if you disagree then they say you have bad taste or are foolish or (much worse insults) for doing so.

This site seems to do a good job of keeping the negativity under control, but this site isn't the norm in my experience. What do you think?

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Fanbases in general are just...the worst, rarely do I run into one that I actually like. Otherwise, everyone just attacks/bash someone else for saying something.
Anime: "I like dubs." gets bashed a lot (this has actually happened to me)
Monster Hunter: "Hopefully World will come to Switch." *gets attacked constantly saying the Switch is too crappy to handle a massive game like World. (wat?)

I just...cannot win...


@Joeynator3000 This is exactly the kind of thing I am talking about.

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Joeynator3000 wrote:

I just...cannot win...

Oh, so now you can't win and you don't want to discuss anymore, huh? I'll show you!


I agree with Joey. I think most fandoms confuse really liking something with hating everything else that isn't the thing they love. Not only that, but people have become more and more cocky with their opinions, and seem to be bitter with every game, movie, or whatever thing they enjoy, assuring it became "crap" just because it took a different direction or whatever.

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Anyways yeah, this site seems to be calm for the most part...We do get a few trolls here and there, though. careful around the Youtube channel. lol


I think a lot of the problem arises when people refuse to actually have a discussion. The hardcore fandoms need to understand that just because someone is criticising something you like, doesn't mean they hate it.

Also, there's sometimes a hive mentality with opinions. Anime is probably the most obvious one with the whole dubs vs subs debate. I just don't understand why it's been universally accepted among hardcore anime fans that subs are always better. A lot of anime aren't even based on Japan, in which cases a different language makes it more realistic.



NotAceAttorney wrote:

I think a lot of the problem arises when people refuse to actually have a discussion. The hardcore fandoms need to understand that just because someone is criticising something you like, doesn't mean they hate it.

I agree with this and think it's pretty spot-on in many situations. Unfortunately, most attempts at constructive discussions (at least some that I've observed online) devolve rather quickly. Thankfully, not everyone online is this way, and I believe that most of the narrow-minded ones are (overall) a minority. Unfortunately, these are the people who usually scream the loudest.

I've had the sub vs. dub discussion as well, but a more recent experience for me has to be the bashing of Yo-kai Watch within the Pokemon fandom.

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Yeah you do hear the minority speak the loudest. A lot of people fall into that sort of "middle-ground" category. They are indifferent to most things and don't care basically. But in the internet age, it has become much easier for smaller groups to be the loudest.

Also, the Pokemon vs Yokai Watch seems to be somewhat of an extension of Pokemon vs Digimon from the 90s. But Yokai Watch is unique in that it actually was beating Pokemon in Japan for a while. It's a shame that Yokai Watch received the hate it did, cause it has a lot of merits that Pokemon can learn from. But when something is so popular and big Pokemon, the fans like to write-off any potential alternatives.



I think it's because of FANATISM.
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The deeper you dig the more you notice all the idiots in fandoms. It's like that with everything.

Usually you just don't realize how toxic certain parts of fandoms are until you see those kind of posts more often/get more active in one community as a whole. Often it also gets worse the more a fandom grows. The more popular something is the more idiots flock to it to flame people.

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This is nothing new, you're just noticing it now.

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Fandoms are choke-full of people who have adopted [media/product] as a part of their own identity. The moment these people feel what they like is under attack/under pressure to change, it becomes an attack on their own identity. That's when toxicity comes into play.

Videogame enthusiasts are a very extreme case of this because the marketing of these products is usually made with that angle in mind, and it works. It also happens with other media, of course (as a marvelite, it's pretty bad in there too).

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This looks to me as an extension of the fact that, for whatever reason, society in general is becoming more tribal. Look at politics in America or Brexit over here (sitting in my shop in old blighty at the minute). Fandoms are just another form of these in-group out-groups, and woe betide whomever may decent from their own group's thinking, let alone if you decide to attack another group. Or even just attempt to have a discussion with one!

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I see similar things on this very website. Get any group of people dedicated to a single thing or company together and eventually you'll have the situation you described. It's why in all my internet years, I've only frequented two forums. This and another. And even I think that's too much



You get that sort of thing anywhere. I don't tend to read many comment or forums sections on most websites (this one being an obvious exception). Toxic fandoms and trolls just ruin it. Anonymity is a license to be a douche for a lot of people, it seems.
This site hasn't been too bad. Toxicity is usually pretty low, though it's had a couple persistent trolls (which the ignore feature has taken care of nicely - this sites experience for me has improved tenfold just being able to ignore 2 users).

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That's an internet-wide problem. Tribes form, people fall prey to groupthink (especially on social media and in the gaming community), and, more broadly, I think many humans are still unable to handle the temptations posed by anonymous communication with others on the net.

This forum has (mostly) avoided that sort of thing. I think that might partially be due to size: NL is a successful and decently-sized community, but it's not a behemoth like (the artist formerly known as) Neogaf or GameFAQs. We also, let's admit, have pretty decent mods that try not to abuse their power over others, something I'm noticing disturbingly often in other communities.

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Not really. I think its just as toxic as ever, but more concentrated than it was before the internet.

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Fire Emblem is probably the perfect example of this. Franchise nearing death, Awakening and Fates turned the franchise from near dead to one of Nintendo's most popular franchises yet those who liked Awakening and Fates are bashed on a lot and it's probably going to happen yet again for FE Switch.


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@Ralizah "The internet" was just fine when it was a bunch of tech geeks on BBS, IRC, etc. AOL was always a cesspool of ignorant idiots and bullies. Modern "social media" made the AOL format "the internet." It's telling that half the founding figures of Facebook have sworn off social media almost violently as a destructive force, and regret their involvement in it and use their time to warn others away from it.

Most "forums" such as this tend to work out a lot better (and are generally old school) than "social" (which are based on network effects) formats do.

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