Topic: Do You Cheat In Games?

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I say that cheating is okay if done for fun after a game was beaten fairly but not to advance gameplay (and ar in wi-fi is making hunters annoying)

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I use to use my action replay, but it accidentally got wiped again, and I have a dsi, so i doubt my brother would let me use his ds for cheats



Sometimes I do. like in gta. are you REALLY going to get the weapons on your own? if you do then i can tell you right now: "You are not the average GTA player"
but its just sometimes games need a boost. and that boost is called a cheat. but yea ya know not all the time

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The only games I sometimes cheat in are in older games with all those codes like Kid Icarus and Metroid.

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I will sometimes refer to a walkthrough for how to continue in a game but I wouldn't say it was cheating, it's no different from asking a friend who has completed the game how to do it. Cheating is a subjective concept so what some people would consider cheating others would consider a legitimate tactic. I know someone who would save before playing the gambling minigames in San Andreas and then reload and try again if he lost and then insist he wasn't cheating when to me that is cheating.
As for the online cheaters, they need to get a life and stop ruining the experience for everyone else.



I did cheat in Professor Layton by looking up the puzzle answers online (but only the hard ones! I honestly try to solve each puzzle, but if I can't, I do this.)

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Cheating makes you look lame! And sounds like crap.

I dont
but my brother does

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I've used a walkthrough to get past bits in Zelda; normally if I feel the need to use a walkthrough it lowers my opinion of the game, so I hope to avoid it if at all possible.

Other cheats? No way!

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BleachFan888 wrote:

Shadx, I think it's perfectly reasonable to "cheat" like that. It does make the game more fun, but what really makes me mad is when people use their Action Replays on wifi! (Especially Mario Kart)
Ohhh! You beat us! Look at that, I bet that wasn't anything like EVERY OTHER RACE you played before!

Totally. I'd never cheat on wifi. It takes away the satisfaction of winning and is incredibly unfair to the other players. Same when playing local. Unless the other players can use the same cheats I can, I won't cheat. But when they can, it's awesome. Ever had a four player MKDD race where all the players are traveling so fast the levels barely have time to render before we hit the finish line? Or a SA2B race where both players can fly? Epic.

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