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An aspect that has tempted me several times in gaming is the choice of whether or not to cheat in order to get ahead. I personally think that this robs people of the core gameplay, making them THINK that they are having more fun.
For instance, in TWEWY, you have pins that you use as weapons. When your game is turned off, those pins slowly gain experience and level-up. Now, of course some "clever" little person discovered that you can fast-forward the DS's internal clock and still gain experience. Do I do this? No, I feel that it only serves to speed up the game to the point where there is nothing left to do.. I feel the same way about manipulating the internal clock in Animal Crossing.
Another aspect of cheating that I rarely use is the walkthroughs. You know, the things that tell you exactly what you need to do, when you need to do it? I hardly ever use these, except for in situations where I have absolutely no idea how to progress to the point where I'm doing the same thing over and over and the game is starting to get boring. Other instances where I use walkthroughs is to find side-quests that I might have missed, thus enriching the gameplay. However, I think that using walkthroughs as a guide for everything you do in a game is like having the guide play it for you, and you never get that feeling of accomplishment when you beat a level or solve a puzzle.
The last form of cheating that i truly despise is the Action Replay, or anything of that nature. Sure, people can say that it makes the experience better because you can unlock everything in the game and do what ever you want, but you can't, because YOU UNLOCKED EVERYTHING IN THE GAME! There's nothing else to do!
Thus, I think cheating ruins the gaming experience for everyone...How about you?
Do you feel the same way?
Do you have contrasting views?
Do you think think this is a boring topic?
Let me know!

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No, I don't cheat, especially in Pokemon. It ruins the coolness of having a mew or a celebi. Yeah, I hate it with every fiber of me.

Actually, I hope somebody makes some cheats like heotan2 that screws up the data instead of cheating.

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Well, you can kinda say that I "cheat" sometimes, like I will use a guide if I have to like if I am completely lost and don't know what to do, sure I'll use it. And I learned from Twilight Princess that using a guide is like having someone else do it for you. (Yes, I used a guide for the whole game.) And sure having an Action replay would be nice, but not to like instantly fill up my Pokedex. Just to use like the "walk anywhere" code, or something like that. (Cause come on that's like really cool right?)
And I honestly can't really cheat because whenever I go to a cheat website my computer freezes. But no I don't really like to cheat, like to complete the whole game in an hour or something like that. Cause I believe that the most fun part of playing a game is beating it yourself.

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I agree Dark Link, I ONLY use walkthroughs if i have no clue what to do next, and I will occasionally use someone's action replay to glitch like that, just for some added fun to the game, but NEVER to help me complete it!

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Only once I have finished the game would I consider using cheats just to see how they affect the game, as for walkthroughs don't like them in general, if you spent your money on the game why not play it through and experience it for yourself half the fun is figuring out what to do next, but if you have been stuck on one area for days with no clue what to do then checking that specific part is fine, but I wouldn't recommend relying on them.

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Closest thing I ever came to cheating was watching a youtube vid of the Jefferson Memorial stage in Conduit. That was after I'd gotten my ass handed to me about 30 times in a row on standard difficulty. It didn't help me much, 'cause the guy in the video clearly had it on an easier setting.

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Once in a great while I will use a guide but thats pretty rare in itself. On Grand Theft Auto San Andreas I would use the jetpack cheat. Otherwise I just try developing the best strategy in a game for myself.



My shining accomplishment is beating the ENTIRE Ace Attorney series as well as Twilight Princess without picking up a guide or going on the internet!

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No, I don't cheat, save a few exceptions (coughContracough), and the only time I've ever needed a walkthrough was on Zelda: Majora's Mask. I had no desire to try and figure out how to get every single mask, but I wanted to be Fierce Diety, so I looked it up.

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I don't consider looking at a walkthrough long you you're able to accomplish the same feat, I don't see what's the difference if you learn off of a YouTube video

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i never cheat on games although the one place in minish cap was hard and i used a guide just for that part cheating is boring and i agree with everything bleachfan said in the first comment


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I don't use cheats, I use walkthroughs. Except in Chinatown Wars, I used cheats then... Hehe people go boom.

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I use cheats. There's nothing wrong with cheats. However, I don't cheat to get ahead in a game. I only cheat once I've completed a game to add more replay value (for instance, I completed Twilight Princess, got bored of it, put in my Action Replay, put on a bunch of codes, then started playing for another 3 months). Cheats are fun, but should not be used to progress through a game.

I agree with your views on walkthroughs, however. I never use a walkthrough unless I start doing the same thing OVER AND OVER or for hidden things that I may not have noticed (unlockables (only after checking for them myself for a long while), sidequests, etc.). I don't agree with using a walkthrough for absolutely everything, even the main story of the game.

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Shadx, I think it's perfectly reasonable to "cheat" like that. It does make the game more fun, but what really makes me mad is when people use their Action Replays on wifi! (Especially Mario Kart)
Ohhh! You beat us! Look at that, I bet that wasn't anything like EVERY OTHER RACE you played before!

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That's weird, my cousin said once that if you use AR on Wireless or WiFi it crashes your game.]
Well, he does tend to lie sometimes. Oh, well.



I try not to, and have only checked say a dozen times throughout my gaming life, and when i do, i don't like it. That's why I play games, so they can challenge me.

I remember phoning some phone line to get help when i was a kid and the solution was REALLY simple. That moment spurred me on through every game i ever played, especially the ones where you spend lots more time than you should, figuring out what the hell to do next.



i never cheat

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I sometimes cheat. I don't hack, though. Ruins your game. I just like watching YouTube videos where people hack because those are cool. But I sometimes use walkthroughs on some games when I cannot simply find out how to beat a level. Sometimes I put in cheat codes just for cool effects and stuff.


Well as far as the guide thing goes I only use them when im absoloutely ticked at my game and am on the virge of snapping it in half....
However I do use cheats...but under certian conditions....
1. I have already beaten the game I'm using them on- Why do this you might ask? well I personately think sometimes it opens up doors that would otherwise be closed without using them and still by playing the full game and winning first you get to see both sides of the horizon.
2. Well i guess thats it haha
so yes i wouldn't recomend them unless you have done all of the above.
....and Action replays can be fun sometimes too......(Pokemon stealing )

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Nope. Cheating doesn't give you that feeling of satisfaction when you win fair and square.



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