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Hi James!
Do you own Pokemon Black/White?
If so, is your trainer name James?

My trainer name was Owen, and I think you might've wiped the floor with my pokemon today.

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What are your thoughts on non gaming announcements at E3?
What game are you looking forward too that may be overlooked.


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Too bad you don't play Spiral Knights anymore, we could do a Royal Jelly run XD.

Onto the questions:

E3 Question:

What game are you least hyped for this E3?

Non-E3 Question:

Have you ever played a really creepy horror game? If so, what was the name of it?

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Will nl get the chance to bring us E3 interviews with Nintendo employees? Will other devs or publishers be interviewed?

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Do you think MML3 might make a come back.

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Who from nl will be at E3 this year?



If I have time, things are very busy here ATM. No promises!


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Hi, James. I previously asked you to add me to your 3DS friends list but, your profile hasn't updated yet. Was just commenting again in case you missed my last comment. Please add me: 0001-3326-9455


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@James, could you please be mister generous again, and post a link to the, "E3 Special," video?

Oh yeah, it's cool if you don't want anymore Wii friends. I'm not that special, anyways. lol

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Thank you, @James. You're the bestest! lol

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Which game, NSMBU or NSMB2, looks better?
Were you disappointed AC3D wasn't even mentioned at E3?
How does Nintendo Land look to you now that it's been a few days? Do you think it'll ever be a big hit? Do you think it will show off the Wii U's capabilities?

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I'm sure James is either taking a well deserved break or he is sleeping.


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No Ask James during E3 week (I was way too tired) but it will return this week (probably)!


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