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How many Wonka bars did you open, James?

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If you could have any 5 companies each develop 2 new games which you chose for them to create what would they be.( So company: game 1 & game 2. Ex: Nintendo: 3DS Mother/Earthbound game & 3DS 2d Metroid then repeat 4 more times)( I felt the question was unclear.)

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After watching an episode of South Park they showed a scene on the moon with a whale and Tom Cruise there dead from previous episodes yet their corpses had not decayed, so my question is would corpses decay on the moon or not?



What was the most funny game you've ever played?

And what do you think of Project X Zone? Personally, I was disappointed that they didn't show anything about it at E3.

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You said in your last video(or maybe it was the one before that?)that you were going to play an actual Wii U on the 12th. How was it?
Also, you didn't answer one of my questions for the last video, which was, what was the funniest E3 commercial ever?

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Hey James, just wanted to give a big "cheers" on the E3 coverage, not just to you, but to all the NL staff.

As for a question — what are your impressions of WatchDogs? Looking forward to it?

Also, when the ZombiU apocalypse hits England, will you in fact horde all the pudding, or will it be doled out amongst worthy survivors?

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If Sega started making consoles again and replaced one Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft, which of the three would you want them to replace if you had to choose? So that you say my name right, the third word in my username is pronounced croo-shis.


How many times did you play animal crossing wild world and super smash bros brawl?

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Yay for my usual last minute questions.

  • Did the crew of the Wii U / 3DS event ask you any questions beyond "How do you like what you just played?" ? Or do they live in denial of the powerful Prosody powers?
  • Do you have any bad habits?


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Hey James, what game do you think has the perfect challenge level? I personally think Donkey Kong Country Returns is perfect for my tastes. Also, what do you think of the Donkey Kong Country series and do you have a favorite? BONUS QUESTION: If you have played Angry Birds, what is your opinion of it (I think it's overrated)

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Hey James, what did you like most about the Wii U?


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i know what i like the most about it — that 'amazed' face he's making while holding the tablet controller, haha~ :3

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James, do we know if the WiiU will operate stand alone with the game pad or is a TV connection required to access the interface and put games on the pad?



Two more questions of equal importance:
#1: Who was the best James Bond?

#2: Your plane has just crash landed in the Himalayas and you and the other survivors have just released you'll run out of food long before help arrives. What's the best way to choose the first person to be eaten?

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What's the best point and click game you've ever played on any console?

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