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Since I've been on Nintendo Life I've encountered more than a few situations where my comments or posts are removed, locked, or needlessly edited, despite the fact I'm not breaking any rules. In fact, I've posted about this before (possibly under my old handle, Bingly, I can't rememeber) and was told by a moderator that I wasn't breaking any known rules but perhaps they needed to create MORE rules and then locked my post.

A couple days ago I posted an image in a comment I felt was... 'creepy'. I noticed the following morning my post has been edited and the image (despite the fact it was not inappropriate in ANY way) was removed and an admin decided to type text in its place. To put this into context, the animated gif was from a popular Ice Cream commercial on YouTube. I tried to understand how a moderator might be looking at my post and in no way could I even conceive how it broke any existing rules. It was not pornographic, it was not violent, it was not even 'adult themed' by any stretch of the imagination. So, I decided to post the source YouTube video and re-edit my comment to let the admin know, 'hey, this is perfectly okay and btw, here's a link to the original video this image comes from, so you know.'

This morning, I login, I click my portfolio and honestly, not much to my surprise, my post has been now removed altogether. Wow. Really? So, I'm not breaking any rules but my comment is edited needlessly by some overzealous moderator and now when I try to defend the post, help bring insight into the context of it, it's removed.

You know, I love getting Nintendo related information here but I'd rather get it somewhere else if the policy among admins is to constantly find frivolous reasons to remove my comments and posts. I try to add value to conversations, bring fresh, original ideas, thoughts, and content to the site but frankly, the rules here aren't very clear to me. I think you guys need to do a MUCH better job of outlining the rules here and what people are allowed to do. I've been on the web since '93 and I can safely say I've never seen a website more overly moderated than this one.

For reference, since my post has been deleted, the animated gif I posted was the following...

Please stop — TBD

The context of my comment was to assert how creepy the UK Nintendo commercial was and how it reminded me of that.

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Looks like she's eating shaving cream O.O


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Heh, I suggest you tell'em whatever problems in the contact forms instead of a forum But plz be nice about it.

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What's wrong with the creepy gif? O.o

Yeah I don’t know either.

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The image was reported by our users, and we chose to remove it (we do clearly state in our Community Rules that any images or posts may be edited or removed by the moderation team without notification). Then it was re-posted, and the comment in question deleted entirely so that you would get the hint, but that did not work as now I've removed it from your post again. When you've calmed down about the situation and are ready to listen when you're asked not to post something here by a moderator, please feel free to let us know. Thanks!

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