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Courtesy of Joystiq, now this is an app I can get behind. If it really works as well as advertised this could actually be quite the useful app. Using the camera to capture text and then translate it is a very smart use of the hardware.

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Yea. That'd be something that might get me to buy a DSI. Especially for Japanese games. That'd be awsome.

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If it translate Kanji, count me sold Could take awhile to translate it all though. Something other than a clock is always welcome to me, as long as they don't release several versions, unless they're different languages. I wish Nintendo would release some other, better apps as well as this.


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Fantastic -- the camera feature is quite a nice idea, especially for Japanese text, which would be a tremendous hassle for someone as clueless as myself to write in properly.

I can certainly see importers of Manga and similar fare going ape for this.

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even if it was as garbled as Altavista's Babelfish can get, that would be a seriously awesome app. i wonder if they'd provide add-on language packs down the line? and i love the camera idea, so long as we have the ability to type as well. i have noticed that, when outside, the DSi does not display as well on the lower brightness settings that I prefer to use in order to conserve battery time, and that could be an issue for capturing words in outdoor places when you wouldn't want to be wasting your battery too much.

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Sounds great I'd buy it.

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Definite buy especially since I love the French language (assuming that's included).



Oh damn... This might actually be a system seller for me. Even if it's not the smoothest solution ever, conceptually this might actually let me play through my 2 SuikoGaiden games. It all depends on how well it's executed but if it's good then I'm totally on top of this. I'm no stranger to spending hundreds of dollars to play Suikoden games (for the record, as far as I'm concerned Tierkreis is not a Suikoden game, it's just some random RPG that stole the name).


Huh. If i ever do get around to that trip to France, this will be sorta useful. But more importantly...

Manga? how did you know?

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This is cool if you're not close to your internet connection, but if you are, just use google translator or something on the webbrowser.

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Im so getting this but how much would you say it would be?

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This could be the app that makes me want a DSi...if it works as well as it should.

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Well, you can find programs that no doubt work way better online. Capturing text with the DSi camera is adding another layer of challenges for the program to translate the text properly.

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Cheezy wrote:

This is cool if you're not close to your internet connection, but if you are, just use google translator or something on the webbrowser.

Yeah, cause translating kanji from a TV in babelfish. That's feasible.


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