Topic: Should i get Art style : BASE 10 or wait until Art styly KUBOS comes out?

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I really want to know because i just got 1000 points and i used 500 on BOXLIFE so now i have 500 points left and i don't know which one i should get.

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If you like falling block games and doing quick math, it really is puzzle heaven. I just got a DSi yesterday and thought I'd be playing Aquia constantly, but I find Base 10 is so much better. Haven't played the others yet (though I downloaded all the Art Style games), and I don't even know what Kubos is (damn Nintendo's awful random names), but I say go with Base 10 if it appeals to you.

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Base 10 looked to me like a big steaming pile of dull. I'm glad to hear I was probably wrong.

Kubos is the one with the falling blocks and the little man who has to climb them while avoiding being crushed. That one looked pretty cool.

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DE-CODE(BASE10) whatever... is awesome! for the real enjoyment... get a second player on your download game! played it against my girlfriend for stright 3 hours on the train. she wan 34 : 27 rounds!

download game works with DS and DSlight also!

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I have MFC, Chicken. It's pretty neat. I love the artwork between levels. Such a silly game.

I also got the two 200pt Warioware mini-games and that soccer game, but I haven't played most of the games I bought yet, including both retail games (Shiren and Dragon Quest).

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I want both. I personally think that KUBOS will be better, but because it should be a while, go get Base 10.

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KuBos(Not official name), also i'm sure it comes out this Monday but don't think NemRem is for this month! I dident like Code (Or what US call: Base 10) It was rather boring... just some codes and calculate them to a row of 10, Kubos is a lot more fun and you could go on like forever in tower mode! But Code has ds download play so... KuBos is my answer!

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Kubos is brilliant! I love trying for a better score on it. The little animations you unlock are cool too.

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When do you think Pop+ Solo Comes out for dsiware? im hoping for this monday

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Wait for Kubos

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minial 100 sorry i misled you by saying kubos would come out this monday , i shoulda known since wikipedia isn't the most reliable website. To get the most accurate information that you can go to .Also whats a MK DS Emulationzone?

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I should wait for KuBos, I like the game much, and it's challeging...

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You probably should if it appeals to you. Unless you're left-handed. XD
Anyway, if Kubos sounds more appealing then wait for it.



KUBOS is a great game as my review suggests. I would recommend holding out for it personally, I still enjoy it even 5 weeks later. A great pick up and play game to have.

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Base 10 is a good choice if you like numbers. However, they should have put an option on if the user is right or left-handed.

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of course i know what MK DS stands for i have the game i was just joking shees. and are you going to be on wifi today minial 100?

The games worth waiting for are the best kinds.


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