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Tue 16th Jun 2009

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supa commented on Feature: Our Staff's Hopes and Dreams for Nint...:

Honestly I want Nintendo to revive some of it's dead IPs. Here's a few possibilities:
A new Ice Climbers game that plays like Mario 64, where the objective is to collect a certain vegetable at the end of the level, all of which takes place on different types of mountains( ice, volcano, underwater, etc.).
A new Drill Dozer for the 3ds that takes advantage of the 3d plane.
Mysterious Murasame Castle reboot, with epic samurai vs alien action.
Lastly Golden Sun 4, which i desperately want.
There's more IPs that I want revived but that would take too much time for me to list them.



supa commented on Nintendo Is A Slave To Its Past Success, Says...:

I think it should be a mixture of both like previously mentioned, but I also think that they should bring back lesser known established IPs. I for one would love to see a new Ice climbers game, in which it plays like a mixture of Mario 64( where there would be open world with set boundaries and objectives, i.e obtaining lost vegetable) and Banjo and Kazooie( where there would be an emphasis on the dual aspect of the ice climbers and play that to their benefits, i.e being able to tether to walls by flinging the other character and 2 player co-op, since they'll always be in close proximity.)



supa commented on Shantae: Risky's Revenge:

It should come around E3 like mighty flip champ was. Also it has an esrb rating so that means its done. As of right now just try to kepp your mind of the wait.



supa commented on Shantae Coming to DSiWare:

you know this picture of shantae looks much better than the picture than when she was on GBC . On the GBC her eyes where all beady and mischievous but now her eyes look more pure.



supa commented on Bomberman Coming to DSiWare:

actually bomberman blitz is only 500 points, and even though i've never actually played bomberman i will get this one as soon as it comes out!



supa commented on Top 20 DSiWare Games in USA (2nd July):

i can understand why pictobits is going down and thats because its running out of steam a LOT of people already downloaded it. I in about a month M vsDK will start going down.



supa commented on Art Style: BOXLIFE:

im really looking foward to art style box life its one of the top art style games right after pictobits and kubos



supa commented on Review: Art Style: PiCTOBiTS (DSiWare):

I love playing that game its easy and complicated at the same time, i got it last month and i just completed all the stages including the dark ones yesterday. i love typing on the dsi