Topic: Is Nintendo ever going to give us a DSi SD card update?

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I am still waiting for the ability to save games on my SD card and play them. Is Nintendo ever going to allow us to do this? They still advertise the DSi on their website but we still have not gotten this update even though the 3DS is getting regular updates and it can save games to the SD card from day 1.

Is this kind of update even possible? If any one knows, let me know.



Not at the very least likely, Nintendo has moved on from the DSi. If there were such an update, they should have done it sooner.

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Sadly I will say no. But never say never! but Nintendo has moved on from DSi Ware. They are now focusing on the 3DS and all its features.!/MrKrisPeart


Very unlikely,as Nintendo are now focusing more the on the 3DS and Wii U.

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In the 3DS we need to play the DSiWare from the system memory. So, NO. There won´t come an update. (the wii doesn´t have updates since years ago).

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I wish, but it's never going to happen.
I have stopped buying DSiWare due to having no system memory left, and if they did do the update then I'd totally buy a few more, but ah well, I'll save my money for 3DS download games.


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