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@supermarioman I would suggest the electroplankton titles, they are fun, pick-up-and -play kind of games, and they are great if you love music and sounds.

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Oh sorry I figured someone would reccomend Electroplankton, which I already own in cartridge form, so I don't need to download any of them (need to being key word! )




I think art style: BOXLIFE is very addicting in factory mode, always trying to get enough money for the next item. R&D mode gets frustrating so I stick to factory mode, it's worth it. Don't have PiCTOBiTS but It's supposed to be good. Pop Island sounds dumb but it's actually really fun and to mention for DSiWare 3-D it has good graphics. Paper Airplane Chase (Paper Plane) I play a lot. It's easy to start it up and play and good for short play times. Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again is a good DSiWare game, it's easy to understand but makes you think. Level editor is great. I also have UNO which I debated about for a long time since I was upset that it's 800 points in the US but I gave it a shot since I got more point cards than I expected this Christmas, and I play it more than I thought I would although I haven't tried online.

In the end here's the order of my most played (NOT favorites, I like them all )

art style: BOXLIFE
Paper Airplane Chase (Paper Plane)
Pop Island
Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again

I like them all a lot, but this is just the order of how much I've played these games.

Also if you live in the US save 500 points for Trajectile (Reflect Missile). it's supposed to be really good and retro.

That's all I can recommend ATM.

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How fun is Uno against the computer? I've played it on a friends 360 and my opponents were pretty smart, so hows the AI in this one? Also I'm still looking for Dragon's Lair, Thorium Wars, and Rayman impression. Anyone?



@Supermarioman I've only tried the AI on normal twice, and there was always this one guy who was impossible to beat. All the CPUs seem to know what colors you have, because when they play a Wild they usually pick the color you don't have or have little of. I beat two out of three CPU's both times I've played so far.

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I agree with Odnetnin. The AI is impossible on even normal. I tried twice and went back to easy. Easy is fun to play against because they aren't impossible but they can beat you in a few hands. I can't imagine Hard difficulty. the AI difficulty is the only big issue I found in UNO, but that can be solved by playing it on easy so don't shut it down just because of the AI. Plenty of options to select from too. Sorry to say I haven't played Thorium Wars, Rayman or Dragon's Lair, but I heard Thorium Wars gets repetitive.

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Well thanks for the input about Uno,I'll consider buying it sometime, but it will be a later purchase. Also no need to say sorry for not playing those games, theres no reason to be sorry. But I would still like to hear any opinions from any others?



Should I get Trajectile, or wai for Flipper?????

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I have a similar question xD 1,300 points to spend. Should I buy Trajectile or wait for a good shooter or multiplayer game?

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PileDown wrote:

I have a similar question xD 1,300 points to spend. Should I buy Trajectile or wait for a good shooter or multiplayer game?

I'd say buy Trajectile now. You'd still have 800 points left, and you can always buy another points card later.

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I just got Trajectile. Pretty fun, I'd recommend it since it's only 500 points.


I need a 200 point game, as I spent my other 500 on a cruddy game known as Castle of Magic.
Already have (200): Paper Airplane, B&B, Army Defender (Awesome), and a myNotebook.

Also: Grabbing a points card next week, what should I get?
Looking at: Bomberman, Trajectile, Uno (could use some info on it), and maybe Dragon's Lair (I'm aware those add up to 2,600)
Already have: Said games, Pop Island, Art Styles ('cept for Digidrive), Glow Artisan, M/DK, Puzzle League, Pop+, BA Sudoku, MFC!, Asphalt, and Dr. Mario.

I don't have wireless on my DSi most of the time, so...

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Dragon's Lair and Trajectile.

For 2000 points, the best game set, in my opinion, are:

Trajectile and Kubos (the two best DSiWare games, and the best 1000 points... $15... I've ever spent on games)
Dragons Lair (Retro goodness)
MySims (fun little toy) or MyNotebook (Usefull little application)

I would never, ever recommend a Gameloft game, except to someone with a lot of points to blow. Shoddy, cheaply-made mobile games. And they're getting worse. That Dog one was over in 20 minutes, literally. There's nothing left to do but go through a daily monotony of looking after the dogs.

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WaltzElf wrote:

I would never, ever recommend a Gameloft game.

i enjoy guitar rock tour, and i would recomend it anyday.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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@Supermarioman- Read my earlier post about Thorium Wars on this thread. It'll test your patience at times, but is a really awesome game and well worth the 1000 points. Other awesome games are MvDK: MMA, Glow Artisan (both clever puzzle games that make you strategize a plan), and Army Defender (An awesome pick-up-n-play shooter game). If you only get one 2000 points card, I HIGHLY recommend you start with Thorium Wars, MvDK, and Army Defender.

This goes to all of you reading this thread too.

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@Min - Pick up Trajectile. I did last night and had to make myself quit playing.


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Right, this is my dilemma. I'm (hopefully) taking delivery of my new DSi tomorrow and, with Europe getting 1000 Nintendo DSi Points free until 31 March, I plan on spending 'em. I'm definitely getting Mario vs. Donkey Kong, plus downloading the free apps. I'll probably also get an extra 1000 Points myself. So, that's 1200 Nintendo DSi Points going spare - use 'em for me! What do I wanna be looking at in the Nintendo DSi Shop? I do sorta enjoy puzzle games but with all the different Art Style games, I don't know which I'd enjoy more... so I'm maybe looking at getting one of them.




My opinion on 2000 points is

Paper Plane/Pyoro (One of them)
MFC (Must have!)
Art Style: Pictobits
Pop+ Solo (It's a much better game than the electroplanktons (Considering that the cartridge is really cheap anyways) and has the same amount of pick-up and play value. Plus the music is great.)

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