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What's your favorite DS game?



There's a thread for this. I don't want to look for it though.
Either The World Ends With You or 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors.

Best thread ever
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Not Dragon Quest IX, that's for sure. Lessee now...probably Meteos, or Rocket Slime. I still got a ton of DS games to play, though.

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Even though its recent, I've gotta go with ghost trick. I would say the original phoenix wright but I guess that was technically gba.



Rhythm Heaven. It may look casual but its addicting and takes a hardcore gamer to complete it 100%!

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Mario Kart DS, SoulSilver, Rhythm Heaven, Advance Wars DS, Ace Attorney 1-4(especially the 3rd game), Radiant Historia

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Oh geez. Probably Rhythm Heaven

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I still need to play a lot of them, but I'll pick Rhythm Heaven. It's such a freaking innovative and funny game, everyone should play it (or die instead).

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Hmm hard to tell, but its a definite coin toss between Castlevania OoE and Rhythm Heaven. Ace Attorney, Wariowar DiY, Ninja Gaiden and Custom Robo Arena follow closely.

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GundamMac wrote:

moomoo wrote:

There's a thread for this. I don't want to look for it though.
Bam. It was only on, like, the second or third page.

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