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Hey just bought and completed Metroid II the other day and I was pretty pleased how much depth it had for a GB game. I loved the whole overworld and I though it was a great bridge between the original Metroid and the awesome Super Metroid. So far i've played all the 2D Metroids, which I prefer over the Prime games
(i'm not really into first person adventure games) and i've also played Other M of course. I don't know why everyone bashes Other M for the Portrayal of Samus, but I thought her femine side had to come out, I mean there has practically been no backstory of Samus before the orignal metroid, unless you count both Metroid Zero mission and the Metroid manga. I, for one thing enjoyed both the Narrative and the gameplay and I don't see any reason why people loved to hate on it.
I'm still waiting on Nintendo to produce another excellent 2D Metroid and i'm certain they capable of pulling that one off, since Other M isn't the last chronologically. Those of you that have played Metroid Fusion recently from the ambassador games or like me played the game when it first came out, know for a fact there is a good story waiting to be told after the events of fusion and I won't give the ending away or any spoilers for those who haven't played yet, but it I can say it involves a deep conspiracy and who knows whether the Metroids will be in it or the X, but of course it wouldn't be a Metroid without the aforementioned alien parasites.

Anyway, I read a review in the March AU/NZ edition of Official Nintendo Magazine of Metroid II that only gave it 78%! It seems the only thing they didn't like was the background music and the Monochromatic graphics, which actually IMO give the game a more deeper, darker atmosphere. I Loved Metroid II and I reckon it deserves at least a 90%. It as been one of best 3DS VC purchases for me so far and I recommend it to those interested in the 3DS' VC. If you loved Metroid II you'll also love Kid Icarus: of Myths and Monsters, which is the sister game to metroid II, since both the originals and the sequels both run on the same engines on both the NES and the GB. While I mention it, Kid Icarus: of Myths and Monsters is a great lead up to Uprising, which I am purchasing today, very soon.

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I think it's an awesome game...

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many words...ya i also got the game,never got a whole lot done on it because it got bit boring to me after awhile.
ps:pretty sure theres already a thread about this

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We've got an impressions thread in progress here if you'd like to add your thoughts, RetroGBHippie92. Thank you! :3

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