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WWE has had its share of games on the nintendo gameboy, gameboy color, gameboy advance and the ds. wwe smackdown vs raw 2010 was good. it showed improvement from the horrible svr titles on the ds. svr2010 was the game changer. great graphics (well for the ds) button control, long story mode, lack of match types, lack of features in the create a wrestler etc. now with the 3ds, wwe can bring svr2012 to the 3ds in october. now the 3ds can drop the powerhouse graphics sound and more. the 3d on a wrestling game can be used like when triple spits the water into the air. and since the 3ds is so powerful it can have COMMENTARY!! and all over game modes like the consoles! good for WWE fans and will bring more attention to the 3ds. the psp versions has no commentary.

smackdown vs raw 2010 ds

UFC has landed on the psp with ufc undisputed 2010. great port. washed down graphics. no online and no commentary! the 3ds can have better graphics and commentary plus online! (ufc is a one on one fighter like ssf4 3d edition and ssf4 has online) and WWE and UFC are made by THQ! win win! ufc undisputed 2011 will be perfect on the 3ds. the 3ds and psp have the same buttons but the 3ds has the touch screen over the original psp. so the ground controls can be moved to the touch screen. easy.

ufc undisputed 2010 psp

and Fight Night Champions can be ported to the 3ds. graphics, commentary and online all can be ported to the 3ds including photo game face!!!! 3ds has cameras so it will work easy. buttons?? same as on the 360 or ps3. lean with the L button. block with the r button. (fight night champions added 1 button block.) punch with the face buttons. and for others who like analog controls can use swipe punches on the touch screen. and for people with button punches can tap the touch screen for clinches and haymakers. the ds had a few boxing titles but nothing great. but the 3ds can bring all these great games for harecore gamers.

thanks for reading. please leave your thoughts below.



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