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theblackdragon wrote:

I plan to concentrate on games i want to play, regardless of what kind they are.

Exactly. While prior experience tells me I'll be DLing more on the VH side, I'm still going to get whatever I want. Why do anything else, really?

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StarFox wrote:

When you get your 3DS, will you concentrate on DSiWare or Virtual Handheld?

I'll almost always get VH games. I'll download all the G&W games (if that counts), and obviously several Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. I may or may not get GBA games. Game Gear is a definite yes.

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I've had my fill of DSiware games (38 so far). I'll stick with 3DSware, VH and 3DS retail games.

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Shouldnt you count the games themselves an not the system there on like you say you "may or may not get gba games" just in general but youll always get vh gbc games. I for one will be getting whatever I wan to play not matter the console



if the snail like speed of the vc's release schedule is any indication, it will be hard to concentrate on VH for a minute.

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Maybe virtual console but I might get som ware once in a while.....also more likely I'll focus on the regular 3DS games.

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