Topic: What is soo great about Zelda!!??

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I played the game before but wasn't that impressed but no their remaking one for the 3ds and everybody is freaking about it. WTF. The graphics aren't even that good. Can someone please tell me why it is a great game and how this new one going to be great?

3DS or no 3DS that is the question.


I've never played it before, but from the videos i've seen, it looks pretty awesome. but really, how can WE tell you whats great about it?

it's kind of your opinion that it's a boring game. not everyone likes it, and you just happen to be one of those few people.

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It you were not impressed when you played Ocarina of Time, then what IS a good game to you? Who wants to bet how quickly this topic will be locked?

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You know I've never been a Zelda fan and the only game I've played is the first one. I'm not entirely sure what is so amazing, but I have to admit, I'm pretty hyped for OoT. Especially for never having played a real Zelda game.

EDIT: @Hyper Knuckles I got $50 on it! As soon as I get it....

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it's just a remake of OoT with 3D graphics. some people are excited for it, others are on the fence, and still more are pissed that Nintendo has nothing better than remakes to offer for the 3DS... it takes all kinds. If you don't think it's going to be the game for you, no one's forcing you to buy it. :3

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