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I think the 3DS XL is, I think Ninty themselves showed it in a Nintendo Direct or something. Not sure about the Wii U though.

EDIT: Yes, they're all official, they were shown in Iwata Asks presentations. They just don't sell them.

Wii U:


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Chris720 wrote:

Erica_Hartmann wrote:

I miss the days when Nintendo made transparent cases. :c

Transparent 3DS XL:

Transparent Wii U:

Haha, still love how the 3DS XL had a random triangle in the top left and they highlighted it.

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Decal girl is the way to go IMO if you don't want to paint your 3DS (or take it apart and put on a new case which will void the warrenty)

I swapped my original Wii case with a chrome one and it wasn't too hard, but it would probably be harder to swap the case for a handheld console
Anyway, the stickers are easy to put on and you won't break anything, and you can take them off whenever you want!

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You can always pay a bit extra and get it custom done, a friend of mine got his done in Street fighter.

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Sony_70 wrote:

DOn't plan to buy an XL until NOA brings us Black or Silver.

Me too. That and I also prefer the regular 3DS in every way and cosmo black is beautiful.

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Erica_Hartmann wrote:

Well, still...I kinda meant selling transparent systems, lol.

Well, they might not sell them, but they do exist.

It would be nice if they would though, there's a sense of beauty in seeing all the parts that make up your console.

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