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I can't seem to find a thread about this game, so I'll start one.

The game was just released in Europe and is facing several critical bugs:

  • In battles, the summon command freezes the game for 3 to 5 minutes
  • If an auction seller lies about the stats of a demon, there's a good chance the game will freeze definitely
  • The first name and last name of the hero are inverted (does not affect gameplay but it is still annoying)

The publisher in Europe (Ghostlight) is aware of the problems and is looking for a way to correct them (patch maybe).

Other than that, the game still looks great (I'm knew to the SMT series). Are there other people in Europe playing the game right now? Or people still playing it in the US or in Japan?


Glad you're enjoying the game, KodaSmoss. I'm also new to the Devil Survivor series (although I didn't play Overclocked, I'm playing 2).
I really hope the bugs get fixed for you guys. It's a really great game.

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KodaSmoss wrote:

  • The first name and last name of the hero are inverted (does not affect gameplay but it is still annoying)

That's not a bug.

In Japanese you always say the last name first.



Jamouse wrote:

That's not a bug.

In Japanese you always say the last name first.

Yeah, I know. But it is inverted because people of your family have your first name as a last name.


Are you sure you didn't put the first name where you were meant to put the last name?



@KodaSmoss Well that's really weird. The US version never had any of those issues. I hope you guys in PAL regions get a fix soon, because as it currently stands you guys seemed to get an inferior version.

Best thread ever
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You can't find a thread because we discussed the game in the Atlus fan club topic a couple years back. Great game but I heard there is a really bad qlitch. Hopefully it gets fixed soon. Ok I just seen above they're working on it.

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Some news for the European version of Devil Survivor Overclocked.

Ghostlight wrote:

In the excitement over this, we haven’t forgotten about those of you waiting for a fix for Devil Survivor Overclocked. Thanks to the very hard work carried out by Atlus, I’m pleased to say that we received a patch for this title at the beginning of this week. Testing is going well and so far we have been unable to reproduce any of the reported bugs using the patch, and neither have we seen any new ones. Should this happy state of affairs continue then we will be submitting the patch to Nintendo as soon as possible in preparation for its distribution on Nintendo’s eShop.

For those still on the fence about getting it, a fix is on the way!


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