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I want to buy some games from German Amazon, because games for 3DS in Poland are more expensive (No official distributor). I want to know, if games from Germany have an option to change language to English.



if you wanna change the language change the system language to english. that way every game from PAL regions should work with english language. pretty sure that's how it works. some games also have the option to change language. like PES 2012 there a like 5 different languages for the commentary.

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It all depends on the game itself. Most of the time, PAL games from germany are Multi5 games (English, french, german, spanish, italien). There are also Multi3 Games in PAL format, those contain english, french and i beleave also spanish. EIther way, english is an option 90% of the time.
Many of them let you choose the language on startup, others select the language depending on your systems language (Starfox 3D does it like that)
Try to get a cover scan of the game youre looking for first and read on the back what languages are supported or just ask directly on here
Sometimes, supported languages are listet in the respective Wikipedia article or on sites like gamefaqs.


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