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Hey Everyone, I need some help with my party. First off this is my very first Pokemon game now before anyone says I'm a bandwagon-er I got this game because it seemed different from other Pokemon games and it really is. I'm loving it, but I have a problem: What should I use in my party? Currently I use Xerneas Lv.67, Greninja Lv.72, Mewtwo Lv.73, Lucairo Lv.74, Fearow Lv.82 and my HM slave is Lapras Lv.43. Now my questions are: How can I improve my party? What Pokemon should I add or remove?(I have about 20 safaris and plenty of stuff to trade for better Pokemon) and lastly, How can I level up low level Pokemon post game? Thank you to anyone who can help me out.

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Our main Pokemon X/Y thread can be found here if you'd like to ask your question there. Thank you! :3

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