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Hello everybody. I was searching some screen shots of Nintendogs + Cats for 3ds and look this:

If you pay attention, you will see the miis as the public!!!

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They will also be in Mario Kart 3DS. I hope there's a Mii Channel, too!

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I'd be surprised if they didn't integrate Miis into 3DS. They were part of the appeal towards the casual gamers and I certainly haven't heard hardcore gamers complain about them. Not to mention, they were copied by Microsoft with the Xbox 360 avatars. When you're being copied it means you're doing something right.

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If they do, we need more...options or whatever, you know...more hair colors, shirt designing stuff...make it more awesome, lol. (all that, and its in 3d, lol)


Wasn't there already a thread about this?

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Also in MK3DS.

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Cool lets hope every Nintendo console will have them from now on
I want to get Nintendogs + Cats for some odd reason and mabey i can use my mii to take care of the Cats

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don't forget, the game Personal Trainer Walking for DS had Mii's too......


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Crap...not a big fan of miis...

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yes I can use My "Manly Mii"

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A Japan only game called Friend Connection uses Miis on the DS as well.

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