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I'm getting really annoyed at the number of Kirby panels now... Every time there is a new Kirby or Mario game we get puzzle panels for it, yet we still haven't had puzzle pieces from WWHD, ALBW, Pikmin 3, NintendoLand and other major Nintendo Releases. It would be nice to get some second party puzzles for Layton and Wonderful 101. I'd even take a Sonic panel at this point.


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@AJWolfTill there is a small pikmin puzzle

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There's a Rusty's Real Deal Baseball puzzle. That was the last new puzzle we got. I think the most annoying thing with the puzzles is when you use your coins for new pieces and it gives you pieces that you already have.


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reggie stopped by today lol

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Finished the Kirby puzzle and its quite a long one.

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