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Apparently a Japanese magazine revelaed that a new Pokemon game is in the works and will be revealed next month. No information other than that is known, not even the system it will be on. So what does everyone think this new game will be? I would say Pokemon Grey but it seems a bit early for that, even going by the Japanese release of Black/White. With that in mind i am absolutely praying that this will be my long awaited Pokemon Snap sequel! Its all coming together perfectly, the Pokemon anime has a character (Trip) who is always taking snapshots of Pokemon (he would be the main character of a Snsp sequel like Todd was in the original), Iwata said something many months ago along the lines of making a game where viewing things in 3D is interesting (something like that. The quote is extremely hazy to me), and Nintendo seems bent on implementing gyro-scope "looking around" controls in 3DS games which would be PERFECT for Pokemon Snap! Anyway, I REALLY hope this is a Pokemon Snap announcement! Maybe I'm just delusional from wanting a sequel this badly but I think my evidence is substantial enough for this to be a possible reality!

EDIT: Here is that Iwata quote!:
I forgot that this quote was SPECIFICALLY referencing a Pokemon game on 3DS. Oh and I guess this quote was made a little more recently than I remember Anyway, I just gave myself even more confidence this will be a Snap second coming! Make it happen Nintendo!!!!!

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I bet this new Pokemon game for the 3DS is going to be a spin-off, and those kind of Pokemon games could either be good or medicore.



Darn it! I was going to post this! I for one hope it is a Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire remake, but I don't we will see anything on that until next year. Next best thing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, I love Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time, make it happen Nintendo!

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I want Pokemon Grey for 3DS. One word: StreetPass. Think about it for a little bit.


Maybe it will be a platformer.

I heard somewhere gamefreak was planning on making a platformer.

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