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So with what seems like no chance of Medabots 7 being localized Famitsu has revealed that there is a new Medabots game coming to 3DS this year, Medabots: Dual. Rather than a traditional RPG like past games, this one will be an action-adventure game. It will have online for up to four players. Like previous games there will be two versions. This time, one will focus on long range combat and the other on close range encouraging combos. I'm happy to see Medabots being revived, but I'd like some of that stateside.!/entry/medabots-dua...


I didn't know Medabots still existed... I suppose the U.S. doesn't get this game?



Now if they could bring it over to the west, they make the game for only one country? how about do a little bit more work and bring it world wide so you can earn more fans and bucks.

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