Topic: Luigis mansion 2 what is marios role

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Meh it would be okay. But it really wouldnt feel like a LM game if I was playing as Mario but thats just me.

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...If they reversed it and had Mario as an unlockable, it would be Luigi Bros' Mansion ._. Right? .... Mario should be a NPC for LM like Luigi is to Paper Mario (I'll never count Super Paper Mario as a real PM game, so exclude it for this case ). Like GCM said, it wouldn't feel like Luigi's Mansion.
Mario's role- Get kidnapped, get rescued. Or they can boot him completely

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Small Mansion missions, clear em out time trial style.

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What aboute if after you are done with the final boss, in a smal cutscene and the credit Mario cames to the rescue, beat up the boss and gets all the honor by the Toads and Her majesty Toadstool?

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hopefully, that piece of scum won't be in the game at all.


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0LD_SK0OL_PUNK wrote:

hopefully, that piece of scum won't be in the game at all.

I was wondering when Bowser would make an account here.

...why was I wondering that?

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