Topic: Luigis mansion 2 what is marios role

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In the game

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The ghost look pretty bad to me

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There's no info if Mario is even going to be in the game.

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i don`t think mario really needs a role tbh, it`s luigi`s game, let have the lime light every now and again.
besides, luigi didn`t star in a few of mario`s games, so it`s only fair that luigi get`s to be the hero.

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He might make a appearance but who knows. I bet there's gonna be some reference to the original it be kinda cool if the fortune teller lady made an appearance. Agh Its been so long since I actually plaid the game...... I forget her name...

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i hope that terd isn't in the game. Luigi doesn't need Mario ruining his one game after a whole decade.


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Probably be captured again like in the original. Or maybe King Boo possesses him and he's the final boss, lol.
(don't care, just as long as King Boo is in here, he's awesome.

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Erica_Hartmann wrote:

Probably be captured again like in the original. Or maybe King Boo possesses him and he's the final boss, lol.
(don't care, just as long as King Boo is in here, he's awesome.

Thankfully, King Boo is in the game:

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He moans at Nintendo for giving Luigi his own game,and demands a pay rise for this crime against humanity.

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MrWalkieTalkie wrote:

Mario is relaxing in his fancy ghost-free mansion that he bought using all those coins he got from New Super Mario Bros. 2.

Hahaha this

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I've seen more than enough Mario on my 3DS for a few years thanks. If anything, let him just be someone to rescue like LM1.



I think he should have a relatively small role, if he's in it at all. I honestly prefer Luigi to him, and that's why I like the Luigi's Mansion game(s) because he get's a starring role.

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It'll probably be like other mario games where luigi is there but you can play him if unlocked since Luigi's gonna be the star in Luigi's Mansion 2 3ds you probably play the game once through then unlock mario the second time around to play as a bonus character or a character that can only be unlocked by something in the game.

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