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Haha, I bought OoT with it aswell! Just gotta wait for the crappy post service to deliver it >.<

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You shouldn't have done that.
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Forget all the other recommendations. Get Ocarina of Time! It's a masterpiece!

This as well.

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Let's not forget Way Forward's Mighty Switch Force in the eShop!

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Good move hope you like it. As of existing games I can give a few warnings and recommendations but I don't know your tastes.

Ubisoft stuff across the board short of that Tom Clancy title are pretty bad. Lego titles tend to be good if you're liking those. Street Fighter on the 3DS is downright terrible between dysfunctional controls and sketchy AI routines. SF4 doesn't work well with various motions so you need to switch between the + and O directional controls to get more consistency, and with a lack of 6 face buttons, some moves can't be done without giving the panel a reach. If you really want a truly amazing fighter go with Dead or Alive as it has more modes, more unlockables, insane a/v quality, and the controls are spot on perfect...also heaps of free daily DLC too and challenges.

Beyond that depending how you value it price wise there's Pilotwings which can last a pretty long time if you go for all the stars and unlocks. Steel Diver is 3 mini games, not really worth the $40 but it's fun if you can net it cheap. Samurai Warriors controls really well, lots of campaigns with many modes,RPG leveling elements around, and while a 'hack n slash' it requires thinking and basic tactics or you'll fail stuff but it's quite fun. Another if you love racing the one good one is Ridge Racer, but it also borrows much off the PSP/PS3 titles, so if you have those it's rehash in 3D mostly. I'd go into Zelda but if you're an Ocarina fan or not that would decide it.

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So do everything everyone else said.
And register it with Club Nintendo (, then get the giant AR card (



WaltzElf wrote:

Get Ocarina of Time 3D.

You can thank me later.

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Don't forget to grab some protection! At least a screen protector for that bottom screen.

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