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if you could have any 3DS game (thats going to exist) right now (with a 3DS of course) what would you choose?

i would take Paper Mario and a Blue 3DS

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Tingle's 3D lip wrestling and a pretty pink 3DS, either that or OOT & red

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I would giva anything for a Purple 3DS with Paper Mario!!

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A dark purple 3DS and Kid Icarus, been waiting for a new game of his for quite some time- and purple is the color of kings!

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To each his own.


So we could have a 3DS right now before it's released? Cool, I'd sell to the the highest bidder that wants to dissect it and steal its tech. Corporate espionage = $$$$$

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red one and resident evil

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Starfox64 with a purple 3DS

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Great find joe, I wonder what that is going to mean for the release date of the 3ds- that does seem like it could be a release title, and one that I do want, but damn so many months away

To each his own.


I want the Paper Mario game and am undecided on the color.

Also, an unannounced, dream game I would like would be for Monster Hunter 3rd to be released on the 3ds.

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Nintendo seems to have a trend with new systems and games that Europe gets it later than NA and japan earlier than NA(though NA got the DS and Wii first).
Lets not get are hopes too high as that was said to be an error...

sorry i am getting off topic

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Off topic: Yea true, it will be interesting to see how it pans out- I wonder if the error meant it could be released even earlier...but then again it could have also meant it will be released later =/

On topic: I really hope a purple 3DS is released at launch

To each his own.


Purple 3DS and Pikmin 3
but of the games announced, i'd pick either Contra or Paper Mario

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Red 3DS with Paper Mario

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The all black one and Kid Icarus Uprising

Off topic: I think I would like a March release for the 3DS. I'm just afraid it's going to be like the Wii where finding it in stores becomes really difficult, and a near-Christmas release date wouldn't help at all.

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I can't decide between the black, red, or purple.
But I want Paper Mario for sure.

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I'm going to get the Red one, with Kid Icarus at launch.

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A black/gray 3DS and Mario Kart.

I hope they really really consider to make a 2D Mario for it.


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