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Topic: how far have you come?

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On streetpass adventure?

Ive recently unlock samus aran helmet for my mii and am fighting
A huge screen filling boss think hes called "dark ghost" hes holding my mii in his giant hand!

Ive only met around 12 mii's on my travels so ive been using play coins alot and because am out most of the time ive alway have constent flow of them to use

So who's completed quest or got all hats?

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I'm currently at the last story of the tower, before that big boss. My girlfriend has a 3DS, and there are numerous game stores around town, so that provides a steady flow of high-level adventurers.
I think the hats unlocked are random, though...

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I'm just happy that I've unlocked link's cap so far!

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I'm on my second play through and almost to the last floor again! I've unlocked the bowser hat and toads as well. Luigi's hat is the next one you will probably get. I also completed my first 3d puzzle. The metroid other m one and need one more piece for the bowser Mario and Luigi one. I still have 3 more hats to find and can tell another color Pikmon hat is one of them. Got two colors already.

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Feel free to share your progress in this existing thread. :3

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