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30 minutes to be exact, that's just Nintendo playing it safe just to cover their asses of course.
But really, to take a break every 30 minutes would be annoying if they are infact being super serious about it. Usually I like to game for 2 hours to 2 1/2 at the most and that's it for the day as far as gaming goes. I don't take breaks, because I don't game fo long periods of time...My eyes start to get gooey after that amount of time, i start to feel crappy, the experience begins to feel a bit altered and I start feeling alittle inpatient and don't exactly savour the experience as much as I should

what ????

lol. You haven't read the article on IGN I take it? Regarding only playing the 3DS up to 30 minutes at a time?

Are you serious? I sat at Avatar for 4 hours in 3D and was alright, and 3D TV would fail if that was true. Unless game devs are being complete asses or just havent realiZed with 3D you need to make wide shots and avoid fast changing angles and such.


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