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I think your current avatar looks great, but that is really entirely your call.

I decided to upload the big piece I am working on as a work in progress, just to get some impressions and suggestions before I get too far in to the final layer that I don't want to go back to do anything else. I have been working on this on and off for the last two weeks. It is a study/3D recreation of a painting by Ken Marschall called T1992h. It depicts passengers aboard the R.M.S. Titanic climbing the ship's Grand Staircase as the ship floods decks below. I have always found this painting interesting and really wanted to see what 3D could add to it. It isn't going to be perfect as I am not that great an artist, so I have semi-deliberatly given it a more stylized cartoonish look. I am terrified by the prospect of finishing it though, as the Undo button is no longer working for me on this painting. Finishing that last layer has suddenly become a nightmare. Wish me luck, and I am open to any comments or suggestions!


EDIT: The pink globs in this version are just stand ins for the final layer.

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That's amazing

. Heads up my name online on the 3DS and Xbox Live is Bubbab5 to let you guys know. My 3DS FC 5412 9927 8618


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Sorry for the late reply, I'm checking out NintenDomaine right now. Thanks for replying.
By the way, nice drawing.
I don't really live in a French environment, so I don't know most of the slang and stuff, but I think I'll manage.

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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

Eureka wrote:

Figures, no clue what to do with this thing...T.T
I miss my creativeness.
EDIT: Apparently the cursor is off on the touch screen, can't trace very well. :/



Try zooming in. I found it gets more accurate the more you zoom in.


Tried that though, the cursor always appears slightly to the right of where my stylus is actually touching. :c
Recalibrating the touch screen doesn't help either. T.T

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Actually I took a look at their site, and it seems the issue is common...

"Question: When I paint, why doesn't the brush cursor always match the stylus position?

This is a consequence on how Nintendo exposed the stylus to us developers. There is no stylus movement reported at the 5 pixels closest to the screen edges. As we worked with that limitation, we decided that it was better to compensate for that and let the brush cursor position go all the way to the edge of the screen rather than have it hit an invisible barrier.

If you use Colors! 3D a lot, you can actually calibrate it to get around this. If you in the calibration screen touch the red circles a few pixels further out than you normally would, you will be able to paint accurately even at the edges of the screen. Of course, this has an slight effect on all other titles and while that is usually only noticeable during drawing and similar activities, you might only want to do that if you plan to spend a lot of time in Colors! 3D."

Hopefully they can fix it in an update, but maybe I'll try that.....later, because I started playing Kingdom Hearts again. xD

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