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The game popped up on store shelfes today, but im a tiny bit hesitant to buy it right away.
The reason is, that its spiritual predecessor "4 Heroes of Light" got quite a lot of quirks that rubbed me the wrong way:
-The numerous "guide dang it" moments. Im not talking about tough as nails bosses and such. Thats a given and an asolute plus. Im talking about the many permanently missables, the necessety of finding hidden items to unlock something semi important later in the game, trial and error when it comes to joining / leaving party members etc.
In your standard RPG, these things are mostly not a big deal, but 4HoL was extremely challenging and you needed every help you could get. If you then somehow missed a certain even, invisable item etc...well, there goes your unlockable job class / item / 100% game.

Since i have so much to play at the moment, i dont want another game that requires my utmost atention and serious planning. Is it a (hard) RPG that is still completely enjoyable as a "side project" or does it still under the guide dang it trope of studying guide beforehand not to end up with non 100% game after countless of hours (im a bit OCD when it comes to stuff like that :/ )


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I will just say this. Do you love RPGs? Then don't worry about it and just buy it. I loved four heroes of light. RPGs are my favorite genre and even though I also have a backlog I pick them to have them when I'm ready to play them. The review if this game is excellent here at Nintendolife you should read that and make this decision. Personally I'm buying no hesitation. I just wish somebody would do an RPG on the scale of Xenoblade or Last Story on 3ds....even remakes for 3ds would have me buy those

Good bye to the Switch. I sold my Switch and didn't price gouge anyone. That's probably it for home consoles me at 52. I love 3DS and consider it to be my console. The Switch went to a nice family with kids I'm sure who will love it for years to come.

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From what I've played of it so far, I can tell you a few things about it, though I'm not going to go into detail:

  • It is fairly difficult for the first hour or two, but once you have a full party of four, it takes the heat off quite a lot.
  • There are many ways to "set up" each party member, so you can either strategise or use trial and error if you prefer.
  • There is a fair amount to learn - it's very involved - but there is a help guide which is accessible at all times.
  • I get the feeling it's quite a long game, though I wouldn't like to hazard a guess as to how long exactly.

That's as much as I can really say. I can't help with the question regarding getting 100% in the game because I don't know if there are any roadblocks, and I haven't quite figured out how completion is going to be measured.

I would echo Windy's sentiments - now that I've got a party of four, battles are a lot less taxing and the game is really opening up for me. There's a lot of strategy involved and it's one you really have to think about, but you get out of it what you put into it.

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Thanks to you two I think ill just get it. Like you two said, the review was excellent, i loved 4HoL and i should really get that OCD like think pattern out of my head and start to just enjoy the ride and come back for a 100% veteran run later.


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