Topic: Anyone else gonna strive to get a Shiny Pokemon when X/Y comes out.

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I'm gonna go crazy getting a Shiny Squirtle and Shiny Fennekin.

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No. It's the single most tedious thing you could possibly do in a Pokemon games. I'm sorry but I draw the line at running in circles to hatch eggs, man...

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-Le Leet Derp.



I've been catching Shiny Pokemon since my favorite game of all time (Pokemon Platinum). There's actually an Item in that game that can help someone catch a Shiny Pokemon. I've caught a Shiny Medicham before I'll transfer my Shiny Pokemon over to Pokemon X so I can raise my chances of catching more Shiny Pokemon

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I'll do it the honest way. Yeah, right. -_-



Nope. I have no patience lol


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Nah. If one comes, it comes but not to bothered with catching one.

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Honestly, shinies just don't interest me. lol I know, I'm posting in a thread about shinies that they don't interest me, how .... contradicting.

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I MUST try to get a shiny Charmender, at least XD


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Wouldn't it be nice if you couldn't undo your actions in Pokémon games? Like... you keep the starter you chose the first time.

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Jahir wrote:

Wouldn't it be nice if you couldn't undo your actions in Pokémon games? Like... you keep the starter you chose the first time.

Meh. Let the obsessive reload the games hundreds of times if that's what they feel they must do. It doesn't affect any one else's experience anyway.

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I've tried soft resetting for shiny starters in the past but it just gets really annoying and tedious. I get anxious and just want to play. I doubt I could do that with a brand new installment in the series.

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Jahir wrote:

Wouldn't it be nice if you couldn't undo your actions in Pokémon games? Like... you keep the starter you chose the first time.

and losing legendaries because they used an attack that killed them? no wa..... wait this could make legendary Pokémon hunting fun again...
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Its easy to get a shiny pokemon in any pokemon game.
You first need to wet the game cartridge a little, and put in your 3DS while its on! (That's the imported part)
Then you'll see your 3DS start to spark, but don't worry, those sparks are making all your pokemon shiny~ and soon you'll be up to your pokeballs in shinnies pokes!
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I allready got my shiny Charizard. To bad Charizard X destroied the awsomeness of a black Charizard


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