Topic: Animal Crossing New Leaf Town Name Ideas/Suggestions

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Either Refhilt with or Pikpikberg, depending on the character limit.

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8 characters? Restrictive. Will people say the town name? I.e. "Welcome to ______!" If so, I'll use that to my advantage... Unless it censors things. Does it?

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Cryptonic wrote:

8 characters? Restrictive. Will people say the town name? I.e. "Welcome to ______!" If so, I'll use that to my advantage... Unless it censors things. Does it?

Censors = yes


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Great name ________
So nobody knows your town name. spooky



In earlier games, I named my town Redmond. My town in New Leaf is called Dentinno.



I named my town kalos after x and y's region name.

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I am going to call my town 'Treetops' when it comes out on Friday!


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I'll call my town "Cherry" when it comes out for Europe



I'll name my Town Cammer. I don't know why, but it's my favorite word and I use it for any games I play. Weird I know.

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I have a feeling the game limits the name of the town by the actual size in pixels of the word instead of the characters, like it does with messages.

Meowph, that's right!

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I just named my town Ghetopia (a ghetto utopia) Lol. It only let me use 8 characters tho, so I had to make due with only one T instead of two.

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I named my town Subcon after the world in SMB2! My town flag is a Shy Guy, and my town tune is the first few notes of the SMB2 overworld theme!

Also, one of my friends named his town Zimbabwe...

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I named my Town:
I couldn't fit:

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I named mine IceCream o.O

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