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Hello to to all of you.

As the title would suggest, I am requesting some help with deciding what to name my town in the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I don't really want something too generic like "MyVille", but I don't really want something too outrageous either. Also, to not make this self-centered on just me, I hope that you as the community will join together and help each other decide on each others' town names (I'll help out, too! I like to be helpful).

Thank you, that is all.


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Im not quite sure myself, but i was thinking Animitus, Animaltus, Animotus, or Animuet

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I think this is actually the third thread he have had for this

I wonder why is town naming so popular.

Anyway, I'm thinking of naming my town Monocot or something else flower related.

Meowph, that's right!

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How about...
-New Nook City
-Nook City

See where I'm going with this?


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Does anyone know how many characters you will be able to use for your town name?

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Your sure on the character count? Because was watching a video on youtube by youtube username: WiiJoshFolder & if you pause his video of AC:NL - 3DS he has the american version of the game already it looks as though if you pause the video there's room for 10 character count. Could be wrong. Someone else might want to check this out in the video.

Also has an american version of the game she's posting screenshots of on her blog.

As for a town name. I'm not saying mine til June 9th. Unless someone wants me to say it sooner.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)

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i already see my self sitting there with my new copy of the game and having no idea how to name my town

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Mine is Hooterville.

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I called my town Pines in Wild World.

@Midnight3DS Hooterville is great! I wonder if most of the younger ones here know about Hooterville loved that show!

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City 17.

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@JonWahlhren Since you can openly discuss the game, can you confirm the character limit? If 10 are allowed, I'm going with Dinkelburg.
Kudos to anyone who gets the reference. :3

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