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Hello to to all of you.

As the title would suggest, I am requesting some help with deciding what to name my town in the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I don't really want something too generic like "MyVille", but I don't really want something too outrageous either. Also, to not make this self-centered on just me, I hope that you as the community will join together and help each other decide on each others' town names (I'll help out, too! I like to be helpful).

Thank you, that is all.

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Im not quite sure myself, but i was thinking Animitus, Animaltus, Animotus, or Animuet

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This thread sounds like fun! I similarly have no idea what to name my town... In fact, a town is one thing I can never come up with names for...

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How about...
-New Nook City
-Nook City

See where I'm going with this?


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Does anyone know how many characters you will be able to use for your town name?

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i already see my self sitting there with my new copy of the game and having no idea how to name my town

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Mine is Hooterville.

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I called my town Pines in Wild World.

@Midnight3DS Hooterville is great! I wonder if most of the younger ones here know about Hooterville loved that show!

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City 17.

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@JonWahlhren Since you can openly discuss the game, can you confirm the character limit? If 10 are allowed, I'm going with Dinkelburg.
Kudos to anyone who gets the reference. :3

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I named my City Folk town Mystere, after Professor Layton.
@Prof_Clayton I get the reference :3


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