Topic: American Metallic Blue New 3DS XL Now Available... But Not in North America

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Nintendo Life reported earlier in July 2015 that supposedly a Metallic Blue New Nintendo 3DS XL console will be available for North America this month. As of today, I can confirm that there is indeed a Metallic Blue New Nintendo 3DS XL available that can play North American NTSC games, however, as I originally commented on the said article, Nintendo Life apparently underestimated the fact that this new colour is not going to be officially available anywhere in North America itself, but rather to be distributed for the Southeast Asian and the Middle Eastern markets markets by Active Boeki, Nintendo's licensed distribution partner for those territories.

You can clearly tell this is not a Nintendo of America-issued packaging as seen below in the official render of the console bundle. I apologise to all those who actually living in North America who were hoping to get a Metallic Blue New Nintendo 3DS XL, although you could probably still be able to order one for yourselves from, especially since the console will not come with an AC power adapter anyway (Active Boeki territories use a three-prong plug identical to same power plug used in the United Kingdom), and since Club Nintendo is long shut down now (none of the products officially distributed by Active Boeki ever came with a Club Nintendo PIN code).


Wishing this world would pay any sort of attention to the smaller details.

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I remember couple years ago when I first saw that label that said Malaysia in it.. I was so happy, I thought that Nintendo finally recognized us and decided to support the regions officially.. Turned out that these were still the exact same American products, just with a new label on it lol.. We still had to create fake American addresses just to create an account and be able to buy from the E-Shop.. Ah, the good old days of hustling LMAO XD



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