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I'm personally hoping for a more open-priced system, with games with more/less content costing more/less money than other games, regardless of system, but knowing Nintendo, I'm prepared for $5 a GB game with additional increments for GBC games or other systems. And while I'm dreaming, perhaps we could map colors to the various green-gray shades a la the Super Game Boy, perhaps?

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I think even if some of the Gameboy games are near £5 it will still be worth it. If there's games like Pokemon Silver on the eShop, I will play it for hundreds of hours which will make the fairly small price turn into incredible value.

As long as they're not over £10 each, then things will be fine IMO.

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Gameboy: $5, although I'm hoping it's $4.
Gameboy Color: $6 because Nintendo probably won't make GB and GBC games the same price.
Game Gear: $6.
Turbografx-16: $8. Highly doubt they'll be the same price as GB and GG games.
Gameboy Advance (whenever it's announced): $10.

Those are my guesses. I sure hope I'm completely wrong.

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I am with a lot of people on here, seems like $5-$10 will be the going rate. I hope its like the Wii virtual console was at the start, there was SO much support, I was actually excited to check this site every Monday (when it was known as, and see 3 VC games every time...those were the days!

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