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The first sign of trouble I had at all was when I first got Starfox. My first time to play it was late at night in the dark. I started to feel nauseous a little like I might feel from motion sickness. My guess is it was a combination of all of the above, and probably mostly the fact that Starfox is a faster paced game.

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just play a 3ds for 10-15 minutes in a gaming-store.

i was a bit dizzy after that but i still bought one and now i dont have any sickness problems at all.
your eyes will get used to it within 1 day

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The 3D is fine for me. Some of those people might just be holding it too close to their face.



There is also the depth slider. set the slider all the way up, it's full blast 3D. all the way down, no 3D. You can play around with the 3D depth slider until you find the amount of 3D that suits you best. For me I always have it full blast and I don't feel a thing. My eyes never get tired of it or anything, but some people do which is why there's a slider.

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In the first few weeks of having the 3DS, I kept going back and forth between 3D or not. It was causing eyestrain at times, as well as some other effects such as words suddenly popping out on the computer screen. After maybe three weeks, I found myself able to play with the 3D on almost all the time except for Rayman, which sometimes gives me headaches with the 3D on. I do sometimes get motion sickness, but have had no problems so far with the 3DS.

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Neat, so I'm not the only one who sees text pop out of the computer screen. XD I got Cave Story 3DS recently and it's the first game that I've played where I keep the 3D on the entire time I play it. My eyes aren't used to it. -_-

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