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Topic: 3DS Demo Units @ Best Buy stores

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121. Posted:

^^Then it's probably the demo cart of the game in there, not the system or your eyes. When I played Pilot Wings it worked perfectly, so the game itself works fine. It's just something is wrong with your store's unit probably.

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@ ballkirby1 I could see everything fine at full blast.

If you could see everything else fine then it must be that BestBuy's copy of Pilotwings is messed up somehow.

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@ballkirby 1-post 73: That didn't didn't do crap for ME When I tried. Anyone else try the home menu "trick"?

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Well I got to try it at Target today for about 15 mins (thats all the time the wife would let me) and I dont know if I was holding it right or not but the 3D effect made my eyes hurt after 5 mins. I tried moving it around and all but nothing so I ended up turning the 3D off. But I have to say I love the analog stick.

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125. Posted:

I played it for like an hour at Best Buy. I WANT THIS THING SO BAD.

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