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I still don't think it will be released this year just because of how minimal the demos of 3DS games at E3 were. I feel like if it were releasing this year, there would be more stuff in the demos (like, y'know, the ability to play most of them ).

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My heart cannot bare to believe it will be this year... I wish it were so... let me give you an exact prediction:

March 15th - the Ides of March. 2011.

It's a Tuesday, the price will be $219.99... curse you Ninty, because you know we will pay it.

Furthermore, since this already values it higher than the Wii, we begin to see those 'old school' bundles that will bring us Wii plus Smash Bros. and Sports Resort! Thus, the price of the Wii will drop to $179.99 by the release of 3DS.

Now, listen... do you hear the mothers telling their children this, 'Maybe next year you can get a 3DS... what about a Wii or DSi plus four or five games, instead?' Oh, Ninty, you sly devil.

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