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Tuesday14th Oct 2014

  • Video Footage Surfaces of Cancelled Wii Star Wars Title

    A Rogue Squadron resurrection that never left the base

    In what at least feels like a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Factor 5's Rogue Squadron games were all the rage on the N64 and GameCube. Following Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike, the company would attempt some projects for Microsoft and Sony, but either found little success...

Tuesday23rd Sep 2014

  • Video These Mario Games Have More Secrets Than You May Think

    And it's not even Easter

    Continuing the series of discovering hidden Easter eggs in games, Did You Know Gaming has released the final part of its dissection of main series Mario games. It's always a joy to see hidden little details and secrets in video games, it shows just how much developers care about the creations that they make. Unsurprisingly,...

Friday19th Sep 2014

  • News Disney Infinity Toy Box 2.0 Backward Compatibility Tested On Wii U

    Stepping back in time

    While this year’s Disney Infinity 2.0 may not be coming to the Wii, the Wii U game benefits from all the upgraded features of the new game creator Toy Box mode. You can access this by purchasing the Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes starter pack or upcoming Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box Combo starter pack. If you have...

  • News Cancelled Mario Volleyball/Wrestling Wii Title Comes to Light

    As strange as it sounds

    The clever boffins over at Unseen 64 have managed to dig up some information on a cancelled Mario volleyball game that incorporated some of the elements of wrestling into the gameplay. Known as Super Mario Spikers, the game was set to be released on the Wii and was being developed by Next Level Games, who was responsible for...

Monday15th Sep 2014

  • News Ubisoft Confirms Just Dance 2015's Full Tracklist

    Dancing in the moonlight

    Ubisoft has revealed the full tracklist for the upcoming Wii and Wii U title Just Dance 2015. The songs featured are a mix of genres to try and appeal to as broad an audience as possible. You can see the full list for yourself right here: "Bang Bang" – Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj “She Looks So Perfect”...

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Friday22nd Aug 2014

  • News Fifa 15 Coming to Wii and 3DS on the 26th of September

    There's no 'U' in 'team'

    The Fifa games are met with either devotion or disdain. The multi-million pound video games franchise releases a new game in the series every year for nearly all consoles and are always successful due to the nature of nature of the game it emulates. In a strange move by the publisher, they have decided to release the latest...

Monday11th Aug 2014

Wednesday6th Aug 2014

  • Art Controller Evolution Photo Series Hammers Home The Nintendo Factor

    A visual record of how Nintendo has pushed the industry forward

    Nintendo has been responsible for some major innovations when it comes to controllers — the NES D-pad, the N64 analogue stick, the Wii Remote — and Spanish artist Javier Laspiur has put together a photographic whistle-stop tour of the evolution of the game pad which shows just how...

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Thursday17th Jul 2014

  • News Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue Flying Exclusively to Nintendo Systems This Fall

    That's Wii U, 3DS, Wii AND DS

    As we begin to swelter in the summer months, Disney is doing its bit to distract children from wanting more ice cream by bringing Planes: Fire & Rescue to theatres, with screenings kicking off this week in some regions. It's naturally taken the chance to reveal that Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue will also be...

  • News Meet LeapTV, The Wii Challenger in 2014

    Targeting the 3-8 year old demographic

    The Wii was the first home console to successfully bring motion controls to the mainstream market, capturing the attention of consumers and selling over 100 million units. It naturally led to the arrival of motion controlled rivals, whether directly mimicking the Nintendo setup in the form of PlayStation Move...

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Friday20th Jun 2014

  • News Philips Secures Wii Patent Victory Over Nintendo in the UK

    Nintendo to appeal, may affect similar claims in other countries

    Not too long ago we reported on a Philips patent claim against Nintendo related to Wii technology, specifically with regards to recognising hand gestures and motion. It's not the first such claim against the Wii in this regard, of course, but is certainly significant considering the...

Monday16th Jun 2014

Friday13th Jun 2014

  • News Wii Owners Are Upgrading To PlayStation 4, Claims Sony

    Lies, damn lies and statistics?

    Sony Worldwide Studios senior VP of product development Scott Rohde has made the bold claim that Wii and Xbox 360 owners are choosing the PS4 as their next system. Using stats collected by industry tracker Nielsen, Rohde explained that many new PS4 owners did not previously own a PS3, and instead upgraded from a...

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