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Saturday14th Aug 2021

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Saturday31st Jul 2021

  • News Scrapped Wii "Bulletin Board Channel" Uncovered In Nintendo Gigaleak

    And a look at the Wii Shop Channel prior to release

    By the time we get our hands on consoles, games, and even apps, there have already been multiple revisions during the design stages. Often, we'll see these concepts shared by the developers in various ways later down the line, but in this particular case, it's via a leak. Yes, the Nintendo...

Monday26th Jul 2021

  • Random This Wonderful LEGO Wii Build Brings Back Memories Of Simpler Times

    'I don't need to use the wrist strap'

    The year's 2007. After months of searching for stock up and down the country, your family has finally gotten their hands on Nintendo's new Wii console, complete with a copy of Wii Sports, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. Remember this? Despite picking up these new...

Wednesday21st Jul 2021

Tuesday8th Jun 2021

  • Random A Keen Wii Fit Grandmother Has Reached 4,784 Days In The Game

    Putting the rest of us to shame

    It's fair to say that a number of us have some dusty Ring Fit Adventure Ring-Con controllers hiding in corners, wondering if they'll ever be used again. It's the curse of the fitness game - initial enthusiasm can easily make way for apathy within a matter of weeks. Well, not so in one particular case, which is a...

Sunday6th Jun 2021

Monday31st May 2021

  • Video 100 Amazing Wii Games In 20 Minutes

    We're wagging our remotes like happy dogs

    The Nintendo Wii, now that's a console. No need for HD, 4K, HDR or gigaflops - Nintendo just shrunk and boosted a GameCube, added clever motion controls, then sat back and watched the world have fun. It had some amazing games, and not just the usual contenders but also lesser known titles that are still...

Friday7th May 2021

  • Random Say Hello To The Wii SPii Portable, A GBA-Sized Console

    The modding community strikes again

    The Wii is a much-loved console, and was actually rather cute and dinky back in the day when compared to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Nevertheless, current-day modders and hackers often look for new ways to play the system, with last year's WiiBoy Color being a good example. The market for shrinking the console...

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  • News This Wii Sports Glitch Lets You Golf From Out-Of-Bounds Locations

    Wii love to see it

    We didn't think we'd be writing about new Wii Sports discoveries in 2021, but even the oldest games retain dedicated communities. After unseen E3 2006 footage came to light several weeks back, a new Wii Sports Golf glitch has just been discovered. Found on February 18th, this was uploaded by YouTube account

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  • Reminder Rate Your Favourite Wii Games

    Help us assemble the top 50 Wii games ever

    Reminder: This is a final call to rate your favourite Wii games before we publish the top 50 very soon. You'll still be able to rate the games and affect the ranking after the list goes live, of course, but there's nothing quite like the moment of anticipation, is there? We've added several games that were...

Wednesday28th Oct 2020