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  • News So Long Wii Shop Channel, And Thanks For All The Games

    Closing down after more than 12 years

    Today sees the discontinuation of the Wii Shop Channel, an online service for the Wii which has hosted a wonderful and quirky collection of digital games since December 2006. Back in September 2017, Nintendo announced that the Wii Shop Channel would be closing in 2019. The closure would mean that players would...

Thursday17th Jan 2019

  • Random What Ever Happened To The Queen's Golden Wii?

    The truth revealed

    Just under a decade ago, publisher THQ released Big Family Games, a Wii title which hoped to follow in the famous footsteps of Wii Sports with its own family-friendly, motion control minigames. If you haven't heard of it before, that's likely because it never reached those high levels of success, but there's a rather comical PR...

  • Reminder The Wii Shop Channel Closes This Month, Here's What That Means For You

    Redownload your games ASAP

    On 30th January, all online services for the Wii including all functions associated with the Wii Shop Channel will be closed down. That means you have exactly two weeks to get all of your Wii-based affairs in order. Of course, Nintendo has now released two new home consoles since the hugely popular Wii first launched back...

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  • News Nintendo Suspending Wii Video Streaming Services Early Next Year

    The end of an era

    Netflix recently sent out an email notifying users Nintendo will be suspending all video streaming services on the Wii - including the Netflix Channel - at the end of January 2019. Here's the full message below, courtesy of a post on Reddit: Unfortunately, Nintendo will suspend all video streaming services on Wii—including the...

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  • Video “Beta" Version Of Bowser’s Castle Uncovered In Mario Kart Wii

    A technical mouthful

    Mario Kart Wii introduced many new features to the long-running series including motorbikes and 12 racers on-track at once. While the exploitation of the 'wheelie' mechanic was rife back in the day, generally the Wii version is still looked upon as a memorable entry in the series thanks to its online play, accessible nature and...

Sunday22nd Jul 2018

  • Parent Trap I Really Miss The Nintendo Wii

    Family Gamer's Andy Robertson remembers the good old days of waggle

    Parents are notoriously bad for being sentimental. Whether it’s watching Monty Python, playing Tetris on the Game Boy or buying sweets by the ounce, I often catch myself getting more excited about introducing my children to the things I loved from my childhood than actually...

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